Just a quick update, I am still working on 4 kits to review now, and they should be coming up soon. We have Bull Smoke, one of the Fire Brand kits, Premium Electronic cigarettes and Vapor Titan from Vape 4 Life. Also, the ever-upcoming expanded e-liquid review part, which just may become another site.

Stay tuned!

Points that make a great electronic cigarette experience

It has been 15 weeks since I left regular cigarettes behind and began my journey down the long winding path of electronic cigarettes.  With the help of other review websites, blogs and the electronic cigarette forum I have found my feet in my current awareness.  I know what I know and I’m eager to plod into the darkness of my unawareness.

The website has been updated.

  • Resolved conflicts to enhance visitors experience.
  • Updated starter kits information.

Coming soon:

  • A full comparison of all starter kits in a modifiable table.

The more I review electronic cigarettes, the more I realize the need for a standardized puff per cigarette system.  Right now most sellers are sticking to a 15 puffs equals a cigarette counter for promoting home many cigarettes their cartridge equals.  But what defines one puff?  A short draw or a standard long draw common to vapers?  I’m noticing this more as marketing strategies are increasing the price of their products by posting claims their cartomizer is equal to more cigarettes.

There are so many different sizes to each electronic cigarette that I plant o find and list each one.  I’ve already begun and hope to have this up and posted before to long.  I’ll keep everyone update.