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We need your help to prevent the FDA from banning the sale or use of electronic cigarettes. Follow this link to sign the petition and stop them from banning our e-cigs.

I was just on thevapebabe.com‘s site and watched, we more like listened to, the speech by Bill Godshall, founder and Director of Smoke-Free Pennsylvania.

The comment she made about it was:

People like this make me smile! We all have to do our part to protect what is rightfully ours as a safer alternative to analog cigarettes!!!

So, naturally I was curious.  And I listened to him.  This guy is dead on.  He has his facts, he knows the regulations.  He was very passionate about  this subject he knows so much about, harm reduction from tobacco cigarettes.  He let the panel ask questions and he responded with facts, dates, studies… everything but the kitchen sink.  I loved it as well.  So much so that I’m reposting the video also so even more people can witness… Bill Godshall.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope it’s filled with love, health and wonderful memories!

VPLive, which post an update every Wednesday at about 9:30pm EST, hosted a show on December 19 and they had Linc Williams, aka BaldGroove, Director of We Are Vapors and a member of  AEMSA spoke about his testimony in front of the FDA panel on tobacco harm reduction.  It was a very passionate speech about his trails and tribulations on the road away from regular cigarettes.  I urge all vapors to watch and keep your ears open because things could be moving in the government concerning ecigs.

I started the video at the point of the interview, but I recommend watching the entire video, they are always very informative.

I came across an article called “The Deadly Crusade Against E-cigarettes” by Dr. Gilbert Ross, M.D. is executive and medical director of the American Council on Science and Health. In his article he actually takes a long view of the harmful effects of cigarettes on this Century. He calls it the “most important public health problem in the world”.

Experts predict the global death toll of cigarettes will approach a billion lives lost this century. That millions of people in Korea, and hundreds of millions of people around the world, are addicted to cigarettes should be considered the worst global catastrophe in human history.

Is Totally Wicked taking on the UK forums?

I have read about a situation that, for lack of a better word, ‘Erupted’ when http://ukvapers.com/, a Uk vaping forum community, temporarily closed its does.  It closed due to a notice of possible legal action from Totally Wicked’s owner, Jason Cropper.  I’ve tried to sort out this story for a while.  Is it Jason vs. Goliath?  Is Jason Cropper picking a fight with the entire UK vaping community?  What’s going on??

Green Smoke Finally Releases an Affordable Kit can Recommend to My Friends

Green smoke has received many complaints in the past about the price of their kits.  It’s a tough thing to explain to someone why Green Smokes kit is worth buying for 129.99, when mostly everyone else is at about 75 dollars.  On top of that it’s a KR808D-2 type thread, that’s not that widely used, it’s the new kid on the block.  Now, I’ve actually tried Green Smoke and I really do like their batteries and Menthol flavor.  The battery does last about the day of moderate vaping.  Moderate for me is about 1/2 to a pack a day smoker.  I do explain that they give 3 main extra pieces:  The pass through and car charger that just about totals up to the price and 10 cartridges, 5 more than normal, but not everyone needs those, so again, hard to prove.

New York’s legislatures voted to ban the selling of electronic cigarettes to minors.  Gov.  Andrew Cuomo now has the option to sign the bill and join become the 5th state to ban e-cig that carry nicotine sales to minors;  the others are Alaaka, Idaho, Kansas and Maryland.

Linda Rosenthal, Democrat for Manhattan, was the force behind house passage, though it did receive last-minute entanglements with the Republican-run Senate.

On Thursday the Senate did, however, pass the bill on its last day with a 60-0 vote.

I, personally, believe this is the right move for our legislative branch; focus on the areas that coincide with typical tobacco use and minors.

V2 Cigs sponsored an event on Saturday, Jun 9th 2012, Venice Beach, CA that set a worlds record:  The most people vaping in one place at 518.

 “It was exciting to spread the word about electronic cigarettes by engaging consumers in a fun and motivating way,” said Dan Recio, COO of V2 Cigs.

“Our hope is that individuals will find smoking V2 Cigs to be a similar experience to smoking real cigarettes, but without many of the dangerous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.”

The article states that about 45 million people smoke cigarettes according to the CDC (This data is actually based off of a 2010 survey)

The new Kansas law takes effect on July 1 that bans minors under 18 from purchasing and possessing any electronic cigarette.

Todd Thompson, Leavenworth County Attorney, said several complaints from school officials stated that students were using them on school grounds.  Thompson said that the schools themselves can create rules about their use on school grounds but it was not illegal for kids to posses them.

To address this fact Thompson worked on the bill with Reps. Pat Colloton, Melanie Meier and Tom Sloan. Sloan is a Lawrence Republican.  Kansas Senate and House passed it in May and then Gov. Sam Brownback signed the bill just recently.