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Basic Starter Kit

I received this kit from EverSmoke for purposes of this review. I had never heard of EverSmoke, to be honest, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. So, I did a little research on their website and on forums. Turns out they have new technology on their cartomizers and batteries. There was very little information out about them at the time, so I was pretty curious, maybe the next evolution of e-cigs had finally come?

The Basic Kit I was sent is priced at $59.99 and has the following:

  • 1 Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Standard Battery (Standard Capacity – Choice of Color and Manual/Auto Switch), 250 puffs
  • 1 Portable Wall Charger-charges your battery utilizing any standard wall outlet
  • 1 USB Charger-charges your battery from any computer USB port
  • 5 Nicotine Cartridges – Equals 5 Packs of Cigarettes (Your Choice of Flavor & Strength)
  • 1 Owner’s Manual

They also offered a discount by using this link:

10% off Starter Kits

It seems they don’t actually offer coupon codes like other sites, but links that apply the discount to the shopping cart.

Review Details

I spent some time looking over their website and was pretty impressed. The site is well designed, easy to navigate and not too full of fluff. The kit’s box follows suit, simply design, well executed and gets to the point. All around, not a bad experiences in any way.


EverSmoke offers several different USPS delivery methods:

  • Standard Shipping USA
  • Priority Shipping USA
  • 2-Day Express USA
  • Overnight Express USA
I prefer when other options are given as opposed to only USPS like FedEx or UPS. Lets me choose when USPS just doesn’t work for me.


The quality of this kit is very good. The battery is well designed with the “diamond” tip. The tip has a “diamond” inverted effect. The tip does not have a plastic tip the protrudes out and dilutes the LED light the is underneath. The this is a glass or plastic cover that has a metal etched like the inside of a diamond inside the clear tip. The inverted diamond reflects the LED light and creates a nice effect. The button on the manual battery has nice resistance, not to “squishy” and not to stiff. The batteries came in white, black or stainless steel. The Cartomizers just have a number value on them for the nicotine level, for instance mine were all 18 mg nicotine level so all had an “18” on them. Very simple. They all had the standard Tan color of a regular cigarette. They have 2 rings around their base: One is a regular maroon color and the other represented the flavor of the cartomizer:

  • Light brown ring – CLASSIC TOBACCO FLAVOR
  • Green ring – COOL MENTHOL FLAVOR
  • White ring – VERY VANILLA FLAVOR
They all come in 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg strength nicotine levels. Now that isn’t the real color from EverSmoke, just my interpretation of them. All of the components felt very solid and stylish. I’m very impressed with the over-all effect of this kit.


EverSmoke Battery Connections

EverSmoke Battery Connections

The battery I used for this kit is a manual battery. I like to control when the battery fires up, it helps insure the cartomizer is ready every time I’m ready to puff. The tip is different with the battery. The tip has a “diamond” inverted effect. The tip does not have a plastic tip the protrudes out and dilutes the LED light the is underneath. The this is a glass or plastic cover that has a metal etched like the inside of a diamond inside the clear tip. The inverted diamond reflects the LED light and creates a nice effect. But, this doesn’t effect the actual battery function. The battery lasted about 2 hours per charge. Also, manual batteries are known not to last as long as automatic. It took about 2 to 2.5 hours to charge, so I recommend a 2 battery kit for sure.

The battery functions very well. It is a KR808D-2 variety. The battery will not work with Green Smokes cartomizers, but Green Smokes batteries will work with EverSmoke’s cartomizers. I believe its in how the air flows through the batteries. EverSmoke has air grooves cut into the ridge, or lip, of the bottom of the cartomizer as well as on the inside metal piece that connects to the battery. The battery also has a “breathing groove” etched down the middle of the middle connecting part of the battery. For Green Smoke, the battery nor cartomizer have these “breathing slots” which leads me to believe the air is flowing from somewhere else, probably the bottom of the battery. Thus, the Green Smoke cartomizers will not work on the EverSmoke batteries, but the EverSmoke cartomizers will work on the green smoke batteries from my experience so far. I have no idea of the long term effects of this, but I’m sure it will not be covered over either of their warranties, just so your aware. The Ever Smoke battery does not last as long as the Green Smoke batteries, but it is also not as expensive, so the price-per-puff ratio is maintained. Over all I was happy with the response and functionality of the battery for its price range.


Flavor is where the interesting parts begin. Flavor, for me at least, has always been the highlight of the review. I’m always looking for great tasting vaps to wow me. I was sent Coffee Creation with my kit and ripped on out of the package to give it a test run. In case you did not know, coffee from V2 Cigs is my favorite all-around flavor in e-cigs, so I am testing the field to find another king-of-the-e-liquid-hill if you will. The cartomizers come with rubber “booties” on their top and bottom, known as “rubber condoms” in the e-cig community, so pretty standard packaging.

The Coffee Creation was horrible. Now, before I go into more detail, I feel compelled to remind everyone that taste is extremely personal. What I love and cherish, someone else may find it appalling. So, keep that in mind as I continue. The Coffee Creation was absolutely horrible… to me. The taste reminded me of all the times I added sour milk to my coffee and took a huge mouthful before I realized what was happening. The EverSmoke flavors are tremendously powerful. The coffee flavor was immense and filled my taste buds completely. This was the first time I felt I could not complete a review. I knew I could not continue to vape on that coffee flavor even if I wanted too. So, I decided I had to try their other flavors.

I went online and purchased their Variety pack, which includes all 6 flavors they have, I was glad it was actually a 6 pack instead of the standard 5 pack. The flavors are:


I went through them one by one.

Very Vanilla was super powerful in flavor as well, but it had an under current of the Coffee Creation and I just could not vape on it. A shame, the Vanilla was full and rich, but the under current of the foul taste just did me it.

Cherry Crush was pretty good. Not too sweet, but full bodied and flavorful. I liked it.

Peppermint Party was very light and well, pepper minty. A little too light and frolicked for me, but not bad.

I skipped the Coffee Crush, of course, since I already tried it.

Classic Tobacco was very good. No ash-tray taste, very much like a lite tobacco cigarette. Full flavored, very rich. Good vape, but tobacco isn’t my cup of tea.

Cool Menthol… Oh my goodness! Now I found utopia. My shining star of menthol has been found. This is menthol as it should be. This reminded me of when I smoked regular cigarettes. My menthol Benson and Hedges come to life, my nirvana of menthol goodness. The best, hands down, menthol flavor of any provider, e-liquid or cartomizer, ever. I was so very glad I got the variety pack. Thank you EverSmoke. Thank you!

Throat Hit

The throat hit from EverSmoke is very good. They get the hit in, strongly, but not in an acidic way. They kick hard but they do not “scrap the paint” off as their doing it. Complements the flavor very nicely.


The vapor production with this kit is immense. They produce huge amounts of vapor on each puff, from beginning to end. I was happily puffing my clouds of happiness with my Cool Menthol, ever-so content. Super job with vapor.

Overall, a great kit. Very stylish, doesn’t have the high price tag of other KR808D-2’s, but doesn’t have the long cartomizer and battery life either. With Cool Menthol now my number 1 menthol, my number 3 over all, behind Coffee from V2 Cigs and Midnight Apple from Halo, I will definitely be ordering more from EverSmoke.

3 Responses to EverSmoke Starter Kit

  • Margaret Kethcart says:

    I like this site because so much useful stuff on here : D.

  • Jesse says:

    I recently purchased the Blu starter kit and I have to say I was very disappointed to say the least. I may as well have been sucking through a straw because they didn’t come close to satisfying my need for a real cigarette. There was no throat hit whatsoever and they didnt’t come close to tasting like a regular cig (Marlboro Light). I am going to try either the V2 or EverSmoke ecigs next. I want an ecig that hits the throat and tastes as close to a Marlboro Light as possible. Any advice?

    • ecigcritic says:

      Well Jesse, that’s a good question. The one that will keep you off of analog cigarettes for good; finding the right taste and throat hit. I have tried both V2 and Eversmoke, but I was a Menthol smoker, so the tobaccos weren’t my specialty. But, I did smoke Marlboro and Marlboro Menthol as well as light versions of both. I’d say the closest would be V2’s Red or Congress. Red is defiantly close to Marlboro regular strength flavor, which is really strong. If you toned down the nicotine, it will probably get softer. But, Congress has a lighter flavor, kind of similar to Benson and Hedges light.

      Eversmoke has decent tobacco that is vapable, but the Classic, which is closest to Marlboro, has a little… nutty flavor to it that really isn’t a tobacco taste, but it’s good if you like that sort of thing, which I do.

      Either way they both have great throat hit, so no complaints there. The Eversmoke is a little warmer because the battery runs hotter. The best way to go really, if you sit in one place a lot is to get a pass-through. Higher voltage makes V2’s vaping a dream.

      Just remember that Eversmoke is a KR808D-2 thread and isn’t compatible with a lot of other companies, V2 is a KR808D-1 thread, which has more companies using it, so gives you more options if you want to try someone else. But, Blu, which uses 510 threading, isn’t usable with either, unless you buy adapters.

      Hope that helps you some, and happy vaping! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.

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