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  • Alejandrina Egert says:

    You have remarked very interesting details! ps nice site.

  • Kim says:

    The most obvious, first of all, is the iaercnsed risk of cancer. Your body has 23 double-helix strands of DNA. These DNA consists of roughly 3 billion base pairs with a majority of the DNA being unused filler bases. DNA repair misses once every 10^27 bases roughly. Now, this may seem like a miniscule issue, but DNA is constantly replicating itself to produce new cells, so these mistakes happen quite often (about a thousand to one million mistakes per cell per day). Alkylating agents in cigarettes cause a change in the backbone of DNA. This change in the backbone can cause DNA mispairing.So now let’s take an individual that’s smoking. The tobacco, smoke, and nicotine are introduced into the body which in turn is transported into the cells. The alkylating agents make their way from here into the nucleus of multiple cells, resulting in a change in DNA. Now each cell has the same 23 types of DNA. Each DNA has a set of genes that it contains, each controlling anything from pigment all the way up to tumor-suppressing genes. Let’s say that the alkylating agent causes a change in one of these tumor-suppressing genes. This gene is transcribed into RNA incorrectly, resulting in the production of a protein that is not functional. Without tumor suppressing proteins, this will cause the mechanism of apoptosis to be disabled within cells and, more than likely, your cells will also lose total control over when to stop replicating and dividing . These cells are referred to as cancerous. Cancerous cells have a property in which they do not perform normal functions and divide at a rapid rate, possibly spreading to other parts of the body. So now these cancerous cells are not only dividing quickly, but the body is sending signals to these cells to self-destruct. However, the cells are not able to self-destruct now that the vital protein that causes the cascade leading to apoptosis is no longer present. Congratulations, now have a growing tumor, and if this is not caught in time, it can progress and possibly metastasize (attack blood vessels and release cancerous cells into the blood stream to be grown elsewhere in the body). Metastasis is what most refer to as stage 4 cancer and has a very slim recovery rate as well as being dangerous to treat in some cases. Now, this is all based a bit on probability, but science has proven that mutagens such as alkylating agents are in direct correlation as being one of the causes of cancer.Aside from cancer, smoking can cause a number of other complications. When smoking, you are allowing particles to enter your lungs, creating a coating of ash and other substances. Over an extended time, this will layer will become thicker and thicker, and can actually become hardened in some cases. This can result in COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and a handful of other respiratory-based diseases, as well as making you susceptible to pneumonia and other infections. Aside from the medical aspect of it, you would benefit financially from this as well. So let’s say you smoke about half a pack a day, roughly average for an individual. That means you go through 183 packs of cigarettes annually, costing you $ 550 a year at $ 3 a pack. If you smoke for a full decade, you’ve spent up to $ 10,000 at 6 cigs a day.Let’s say you go with the Patch to try to quit. Normally, this costs roughly $ 50 at Walgreens, and you can get a $ 10 coupon by going to the NicodermCQ website. The patches are sold in 14 per package, so they will last you an entire 2 week session. You will most likely have to continue this for 7 weeks roughly if you are a light smoker (half a pack a day or less), and up to 12 weeks if you are a heavy smoker (6 cigarettes+ per day). During the period, you will wean yourself away from the nicotine addiction by lowering the dosage after the first 4 weeks and again after the next 2 weeks following that lowering of the dose. So all in all, you will most likely have to buy 3 applications of this regimen, costing you $ 120 TOTAL.Let’s calculate this out. On average, people smoke for about 20 years before deciding to quit due to some life event. If you would choose to smoke through these 20 years, you would cost yourself $ 10,000 dollars smoking 6 cigarettes a day, or about $ 2,000 if you only smoke 1 day (unlikely).Now, let’s say instead of these 20 years of smoking, you decide to pay the $ 120 upfront. With this investment, you could save anywhere form $ 1880-$ 9,880 considering you are a light smoker, even more if you are a heavy smoker.With the facts brought forth, I do personally urge you to quit, as will any other healthcare professional. Talk to your family practitioner or even to a pharmacist about this if you are interested.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thank you so much for this detailed analysis of the mutagen process that may lead to cancer. Great information that I’ve always been curious about, I’ll for sure repost this so more people have access to it.

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