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VOLCANO Starter Kit

This review is on the Volcano Kit from volcano ecigs.  I purchased this for $64.99.  This is a micro battery starter kit similar to blu cigs with 510 threaded batteries/cartomizers.

The Kit comes with:

  • 2 Batteries with red led
  • 1 V Pack (Personal Charging Case)
  • 1 Wall charger
  • 1 USB charger
  • 5 pack of cartomizers of varying strengths (zero, light or full)  and flavors

Review Details


The website has a very stylized feel to it and it gives mixed feelings.  The style they use from buttons to pictures are very well made, but some pictures and videos are not quit there.  But, over all, it is very well polished. I liked it. The box design was ok, not the most amazing first impression but not the worst either.


Delivery from them is great.  They are Hawaii based so I was worried about times as far as shipping goes, but they offer a large variety of options from USPS priority (free for orders over $60.00), Express, FedEx 2 day flat $7.99 special, my favorite, and more.  Excellent.


Now, here is a not so great point.  First, I want to say their customer service is great.  I called a few times and spoke with one of their reps and she was very helpful.  So, when I purchased the unit, I was able to vape away with my 2 full batteries.  I used them for about an hour and a half each, until they died, and set them, one by one to charge.  One in the Case and the other in the USB charger.  After about 2 hours I tried to use each battery, but got no more than 2 puffs on them before they died again.  I tried to charge them a few times, but to no avail.  So, I called them, they emailed me a return label right away, I sent the kit back in, and I recieved my replacements in about a week and a half, great.  So, I tried them once again, but after I used the batteries down, the PCC would not charge them again.  So, I then used the blu PCC to charge them (something they do not recommend, and may void the warrenty on the batteries, just so you know), and they recharged just fine.  A second dud PCC.  This is the first time I've ever had a problem like this, so I was pretty disappointed.  I'm sure it was a streak of bad luck but this is just my experciance.  I'm sure there are many more positive stories out there.



I received the replacement PCC and everything works fine.  I big bonus to Volcanocigs for their support team.  They were always polite and prompt to call back on every issue I called in on and they provided prepaid postage on all my returned items as well as free shipping on the replacements plus the turn around time was great as well. So, even though is was a bumpy start, the customer service was just top notch. It really shows they stand behind their product and I couldn't be happier. I can recommend Volcano cigs without any doubts.


The batteries are just fine.  Not as responsive, or hyper responsive I should say, as the blu cigs, but gives a nice draw. The mini's are not really my cup of tea with the limited battery life, but I can see the appeal of having a small, almost regular length battery which seems to appeal to women that I know and a few men also, just to be fair.


Now, I got Kona Coffee for my flavored cartomizers and I must say, these were pretty good.  A nice smooth, roasted flavor with a mild throat hit accompanied my a generous amount of vapor. The flavor was so good, it really made me forget about the V-pack... at least for a little while.  Not as good as my V2 Cigs Coffee flavor, but second best for sure.  Beats out the Cappuccino from Smokeless Image and from blu as well (sorry my dear Johnson Creek).

Throat hit

The throat hit was ok. Probably due to the size, but it was a little average, still vapable and lets me vape without thinking abut regular cigs, for sure.


The vapor produced by this kit is just amazing. A large amount from such a little micro size really surprises you. A great job with vapor for sure.

Overall, to be completely honest, I'll definently buy from them again.  Any product from them Volcano Cigs, I know, will have the same customer support behind it.  And the Kona Coffee... wow, so close man, but V2Cigs still has the best. But these guys are number 2 in coffee, and that just makes me smile.

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