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The starter kit that is reviewed is the Tornado Tank from Totally Wicked ( The eGo-T or Tank falls in the "CIGAR" class of e-cigs. The large battery feature gives the user a longer period of use per charge versus the 510 class of e-cigs. The tank also holds a larger amount of e-liquid (1.1 ml) giving anywhere from 200 to 250 puffs and requires less filling than the 510 class e-cigs.

The Tornado Tank starter kit is an eGo-T type of eCig That comes with:

  • 2 x Black Re-Chargeable Lithium batteries (Manual, non-5 click)
  • 2 x Cone Shaped Black Tank Atomizers
  • 1 x Main to USB WallCharging unit.
  • 1 xHigh Speed Tornado USB Charging lead.
  • 5 x Pre-filled Tank Atomized Cartridge's (2 x 18mg, 2 x 11mg,1 x 8mg)
  • 1 x User manual.

Review Details


The presentation is not bad. I'm not a fan of the little Wicked red face logo on the batteries, but it's not that bad, just something I wouldn't have chosen if given the chance. The site is pretty fair to above average as well. The kits box is pretty sturdy so I like that. Not bad, just not the greatest either.


Here is my review on Delivery. The order process was pretty straight forward. Once the order is placed, you can log in to check its status. The day I ordered was right after a large sale, so I didn't see an order number when I logged in the next day. The contact number is easy to find, and someone answered on the first try. Once the situation was explained, I waited till that evening and found the order was shipped and the tracking number was shown. I would have liked an email confirmation instead of checking back every so often, and that is my only real complaint. The other is I didn't find another method of shipment. To be fair, I live in the same state as the distributor, so USPS shipping was fast and easy. It only took 2 days to receive it.


Now we go over quality. The Tornado Tank is a JOYETECH product. The product was well packaged, and I liked the way the unit was presented. I know this doesn't mean much to everyone, but to those like me, it adds a little something extra. The pre-filled cartridges are individually packaged, like most other providers, but they then place them in a bottle. This all is then highlighted by the solid construction of the eGo-Tank itself. The pieces screw together tightly and with little ply, no wiggling. They have a nice heft to them, which makes them they feel very sturdy and well-engineered. They even came charge a bit, so I was able to use one right out of the box as I charged the other battery. The Totally Wicked site even has videos of each product, so you don't have to worry if you have questions. Very well done.


The batteries last forever. I mean, the battery lasts about a day and a half. I am so happy I found them, they are so easy to use and not worry about it running out of juice all the time. The fire right up and take about 4 hours to fully recharge. Great batteries.


I'm a big fan of their Menthol flavor. I can definitely vape on it all day, with no problems at all. Very clear, minty menthol. My use is based on a half a pack a day smoker. The liquid cartridges lasts me about half a day per 1.1ml cartridge.

Throat Hit:

The throat hit is pretty decent and works pretty well. Very nice kick to the back of the throat without being crazy. Pretty good.


The vapor production is really great. Loads and loads of vapor on each pull. I am very happy with this feature, for sure with out a doubt.

Longevity seems to be very solid. I've used the Tornado Tank for about 2 weeks straight. I've used different e-liquid, recharged the batteries back to back, and have received the same use consistently. I see no reason this will not continue for the life of the unit.

Overall, I am very pleased with the entire process. The only side issue I will bring up is to try to watch out for their YoYo sells (here). Because I purchased the unit at full price and few days later, not during the Yo Yo sale, the Tornado Tank I purchased was on sale. Most shoppers become accustomed to contacting the provider and getting the difference, if only in store credit. When I contacted customer service, they informed me this is not their policy. Now, we must understand, in this new market this probably won't become common place for a while now, and I'm sure this is the same across the board, so I can't fully ding them for it.


So, I've been using the Tornado tank for about three weeks now, and I wanted to give an update. It's also worth noting I also purchased the PCC (Personal Charging Case) when I purchased this case. I really love how long the battery lasts. I really do, it makes vaping so much easier not worrying about running out of battery all the time like I do with the "cigarette" sized e-cigs I use and reviewed.

The down side is the unit does leak. Looks like the leak comes from when the cartridge is low on fluid. Also when you draw off the atomizer without pushing the button the atomizer will leak. I'm not sure honestly, I have purchased more caps for the cartridges, and I still worry about it leaking. I even bought another atomizer just in case.

Now I use the battery and PCC more with different 510 cartomizers. I love the battery; they fit eGo cartridges and cartomizers as well as any other 510 versions.

So, my review has changed. And, until I find a version that does not leak, it probably will remain the same.

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  • jess says:

    Do you use the hard plastic cap or the rubber cap on the end of the fluid tank? It seems to work with both but I don’t know which one you’re really supposed to use. Any help would be much appreciated!

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