In Utah, the House has passed the bill, HB245, with a vote of 42-31 that will ban hookahs and electronic cigarettes in indoor public places on February 21, 2012.

Protesters outside of the Capitol were smoking hookahs in protest.  Some, however, say this may not have helped their case:

“They smoked outside today,” said Rep. Brad Last, R-Hurricane, sponsor of HB245. “They could have done it inside and there would be nothing we could say” under current law.*

The bill now moves to the Senate for the next stage In legislation.  But there is an amendment for current hookah bar and electronic cigarette shop owners:

The bill, however, exempts hookah bars and e-cigarette shops from the ban for five years, when the exemption will sunset, and the Legislature may revisit whether to extend it.*

*News from The Salt Lake Tribune

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