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This review is on the Panda Evolve Kit by Panda ecigs. I received this kit for review to give my thoughts and opinions on.

The kit I received came with the following:

  • 1 Black Manual Battery (230 mah)
  • 1 Black Automatic Battery (230 mah)
  • 2 Micromizers (atomizers, but mini) (.9ml capacity)
  • 1 10ml bottle of Coffee 18mg (They have a pretty big choice and 4 strengths)
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 User Manual

Presentation :

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of Panda Ecigs, so my expectations were… pretty much empty. So, when I recieved the kit, I thought not to bad. The kit is very simple, white package, label centered. the same magnetic flap a lot of the kits come in. everything was packed in nicely. So, no issues with the presentation. I then went to the website, were the same simple theme replayed itself. But, I was happy to see they offered a lot of options, even battery sizes. Not just the 510 cigarette look-alikes I received, but also the eGo style batteries as well. The site was easy to navigate and pretty well made. Thumbs up for that.

Delivery :

I prefer to have options for shipping, but Panda only offers USPS. I wish they offered UPS or FedEx, there are times I don’t mind paying the extra buck if I want to. But, they do offer free shipping. Kind of hard to say no to that, so it kind of balances out for me. Here is what they offer:

  • Free Shipping (7 day)
  • USPS First Class (7 day)
  • USPS Priority Mail Envelope
  • USPS Priority Mail Box
  • USPS Express

Quality :

I have to admire the quality. Panda is trying something new with the cartomizer. Instead of the standard pre-filled only, they also offer the Clearomizer version, refillable. This encourages new users to buy eliquid and gives them an easy to fill cartomizer that gives them the benefit of buying cheaper eliquid in a nice, smaller form factor than the larger Intermediate and advanced devices. The batteries have crystal tips and give nice accelerated voltage, so hardly any “Build up” needed for the vapor to become warm and full. So, great job there. My only complaint is the really short wicks. At the lover levels, I had to tilt more than normal to make sure the wicks were wet. Now, to be honest, I didn’t get dry hits, because I always have the ecig laying on my desk at home or work. So it was always soaking. The problem would come if you kept it in say your shirt pocket, and the wicks dried out, then you may get some dry hits at lower levels. Also, with the tilting, you can be eliquid shooting in your mouth. Now, I’m not a crazy tipper, but I did tilt a lot and at times juice did get in the tip. Didn’t happen a lot, but once makes you gun-shy.

Battery :

I really like the battery. The batteries are both 510 threaded and have a really nice feel to them.  They feel very well made.  They lasted about 3 to 4 hours for me a piece for me, depending if I was heavy vaping or just vaping at a “normal” pace. The automatic was very responsive, which it typical of manual batteries. The automatic battery works really well also. When you pull, you don’t have to pull like crazy to get it to puff, just regular pulls works fine. Both batteries works great I even used boges on them, and they still performed… great job on the batteries, they are the high-light of this kit for me.

Flavor :

The flavor I received was Coffee, in 18mg strength. They have 14 flavors and 4 different nicotine levels to choose from:

  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg

The coffee was pretty good. Like a Kona coffee , it’s very deep and rich. I prefer my coffee a little… creamier, but it is a very nice coffee. In my top 5 for sure.

Throat Hit :

Throat hit is determined a lot by the nicotine level and Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin ration. This gives a very nice throat hit. Very consistent thanks to the battery and isn’t so crazy it’ll take away from the flavor.

Vapor :

The vapor is very nice also. Not a monster cloud, but very decent, so I’m sure there’s some PG in there.

Over All :

Overall, I’m impressed. They seem to be a very forward thinking company. Giving people the benefit of buying e-liquid for the reduced cast as well as having eGo batteries ready for the transition into intermediate vaping. The fact they just added eVods, a fantastic atomizer, to their site lets me believe they are really looking to grow not only as a company, but grow with their vapors as well.

One Response to Panda Ecigs Review

  • James cudd says:

    Worst company I have ever tried to do business with!!!their little free ecig might be ok,but don’t go on their website and try to buy anything else!!!example:I have been in business selling ecigs for over two years now,and this is the first company I have ever had trouble out of!they had a pic of an itaste lanyard,so I ordered 15 lanyards,and when the package finally got here they had some crappy little ego lanyards in the package,and when I messaged them thru theor so called live support,because I had been calling for over two hoursback to back,they argue with me and tell me that’s what I ordered!no,what they do is show you a pic of something better than what you actually get!!this is false representation and false advertisement!!!i will seek legal action,because this company should not be allowed to have their doors open!!!DONT order from panda ecigs!! Don’t waste your time or money!!!!sometimes free is not free!!!!

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