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This review is on Smokeless Image’s Volt – Pro Starter Kit

The Volt Starter Kit that I purchased at for about $64.95. I used the code YOURVOLT89 and saved an extra 10%. I found this product after looking over a lot of sites, and this one had some pretty good reviews, but was not listed everywhere. People that did try it spoke well of them, and the better business bureau didn’t have anything bad to say about them, but nothing good either because they weren’t listed. So, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

Here are the contents:

  • Batteries: 2 x 65 mm or 2 x 78 mm (for $1.00 more each) Included (2 x Auto or 2 x Manual or 1x Auto & 1x Manual)
  • Cartridges: 5 x Included (5 x with flavor and various strengths {0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg})
  • USB Charger: Included
  • Volt PCC: 1 x Personal Charging Case (PCC)

And, wow I am really glad I did! First let’s go over the details. The kit comes with 2 batteries, and you can choose between a bunch of options for either one. They have a ton of colors to choose from, manual and automatic options (ones that draw on inhaling or ones that have the button to activate the battery) and 65mm in length or 78 mm (the 78mm cost $1.00 more, but they last longer). They also come with 5 cartomizers (they have samplers also, I even wrote a comment for the strong sampler because it wasn’t listed and they swapped it for me!) and a PCC (personal charging case). They also included the USB cable to charge the PCC. They also mentioned the option of a mega charging case, but honestly, I couldn’t find any info on that. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

Review Details


The presentation was ok, not amazing.  The style is pretty simple, not eye-catching.  I really didn’t know what to expect from these guys.  The fact it didn’t come with a box, didn’t help either.  To be fair, who really needs a box that is soon to be thrown away anyway and they did give me a %10 off code for the troubles so, it’s not really a big deal.


For delivery, they only offered USPS:  Regular, priority and express.  And express is expensive, even more so that FedEx overnight.  I’m not expecting the moon, but at least offer FedEx as an option, I don’t mind paying for 2 day, and if I want to save, I can go USPS.



Quality is a mixed bag.  Here we have great looking batteries in person, a really nice finish on them.  They feel solid, have the KR808D-1 threading (I know they probably don’t like this going out, but it’s good for you to know) so you can simply use other cartridges or batteries that have this thread IE V2Cigs, Halo among others with these batteries and cartridges.  The charger does its job, which is awesome though I prefer the USB chargers as well as the PCC.  Now let’s move on to the PCC’s quality.  It’s not that sturdy.  The activation button is on the door which scares me because the door is the flimsiest part.  It works fine for me, I just worry one good drop or one good pocket crunch against a table and the PCC goes.  I’m sure it’ll work just fine; I just wish it was sturdier.


As I stated the battery is great.  I wish I got the 78mm ones; it is so worth the extra $1.00 for each.  Longer lasting, more puffs just makes sense.  They work as well as my V2Cigs batteries, which say a lot.  Two thumbs up as I’m sure this adds to the flavor and vapor.


Flavor is great.  So, this is where they got me.  The flavor of the Menthol Burst… greatest menthol e-liquid I’ve tasted!  Blew away what was the best for me, Njoy, and landed at the top of my list.  The Cappuccino is really good also, reminds me of the Coffee flavor from V2Cig so much, I’m going to have a taste test show down, I ordered more because I blew through the one I had.  I was out of the Coffee flavor from V2Cigs then, so the show down will continue once I get the Cappuccino I ordered in.  But, great flavors.  Now I only had the strong sampler, so I tested Menthol Burst, Mint (not a fan), Cappuccino (Woot), Grape (Still debating) and Ice Menthol (Too minty for me).  I had to order the 2 other samplers as well as Cappuccino so I’ll update everyone on those after they come in.  Two thumbs up!

Update: The comparison is over.  Cappuccino from Smokeless Image verses Coffee from V2 Cigs.  And the winner… Coffee from V2 Cigs!  Hands down.  Sorry Cappuccino.

Update number 2: There is a new number one Menthol… Eversmoke. They take the title hands down!. Too bad they are different threaded batteries (KR808-D2) and not compatable with Volt, that would be a great combo of battery, PCC and cartomizers.

Throat Hit:

Throat hit is very good.  The warm vapor really gives a sweet throat hit, so much that I have to find out if V2Cigs makes their e-liquid.  Over all it’s just an amazing, smooth yet strong hit.


Vapor is just as good as the flavor and throat hit.  They are a real diamond in the rough; Very impressed.

So, overall I was very happy with this product.  Well worth the money considering it comes with a PCC and the cartridges are a great price also!  about $10 and they are on sale now (January 2012 at least) or about $9 for 5.

3 Responses to Volt Pro Starter Kit

  • Lilia Kopps says:

    As soon as I found this website I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

  • Nicole says:

    I quit smoking regular cigs on these e cigs. I love them. I down from 18 to 12 mg. wouldn’t go anywhere else. tastes great. started with filters then went to liquid. so much cheaper, healthier, just all around better.

  • Eddie says:

    Yes, they do have a mega charger available. It is called the Mega Battery Charging Case (V2). $29.95.
    Just click on the accessories tab in the header.

    From their site:
    The Mega v2 is MEGA but keeps a compact size! Only 5mm thicker than our popular Slider PCC. This NEW Mega v2 has unbelievable power and storage! The Mega v2 has a 2200mAH replaceable battery, room for 2 batteries (1 charging) and holds up to 4 cartomizers!! Charge on the go with no need to carry anything else!!

    Available in grey, blue or purple lid options

    NOTE: There is presently an issue with manual batteries charging with the PCC’s. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. This will be removed when it is resolved.

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