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Want to learn more about the new world of electronic cigarettes? Looking for more information on what they are and how they can affect you? Then this is the place for you. I will research the hardware, liquid and current information from around the net and give as much relevant reviews and information to help you learn all about e-cigs aka electronic cigarettes.

First, I want to say that electronic cigarettes, for me, should only be for smokers. If you are a smoker, and want to get away from the horrible carcinogens that are in cigarettes, than read on. If you are not a smoker, do not even try these products. Nicotine is horribly addictive drug. Most smokers try to quit and are not able to. If you want to quit, then try the Nicorte gums and other NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products the market offers. If these have not worked for you, then these products, though they are new and I leave the science and medical stuff to the pros, may be for you. And get away from the over 4000+ known carcinogens that the standard cigarettes pollutes smokers with every puff. And the worst part is, over 50 of them are known cancers causing agents. But, once again, I’m no doctor, and I know nicotine is a poison, so check with your own doctor for health answers. Read and find the answers for yourself.

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Thanks for all the support and kind words, they are always appreciated.

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CASAA 4TH Call to Action! VERY URGENT!

EXTREMELY URGENT! Fourth Call to Action For FDA Proposed Regulations SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT   On Thursday, May 8th, CASAA released the Overview of its Action Plan Regarding Proposed FDA Regulations. As noted in CASAA's Action plan, this ...

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CASSA Call to Action: New York City Ordinances Would BAN Flavored E-Cigarettes And More -- Int 1020 & Int 1021 (UPDATED -- Action Needed!)

New York Seeking to Ban Flavored E-Liquid!! Please follow this link and find out how You can help cattle this proposed ban New York officials are seeking to pass: CASAA and NYC ...

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Panda Ecigs Review is up!

The Panda Evolve Kit is now up!

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California Attempting to Ban E-Cigs, Your Voice Can Stop Them

California has a new bill that will attempt to ban e-cigs.  They are another of many states that are attempting to take action against e-cigs.  If passed they will label e-cigs as “is ...

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Utah House Says NO To Ecig Tax

Utah House shoots down a proposed tax hike for E-Cigs.  In a vote of 29 - 44, Utah's House becomes yet another battleground hard fought and won for the e-cig community and vendors.  Putting ...

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Where Did Safecig Go... Part 2

Now when you try to go to TheSafeCig.com, you are directed to Seminole Ecig. Who are they? I'm not sure. I'm still researching. Not sure if this is the rebranded ...

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What Happened to Safecig?

The big question on everyone's mind is: What happened to Safecig? They were one of the products on my "To Do" list. I heard from some readers who asked me ...

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Petition to prevent the banning of electronic cigarettes...

We need your help to prevent the FDA from banning the sale or use of electronic cigarettes. Follow this link to sign the petition and stop them from banning our ...

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Bill Godshall Speaking at FDA Public Hearing

I was just on thevapebabe.com's site and watched, we more like listened to, the speech by Bill Godshall, founder and Director of Smoke-Free Pennsylvania. The comment she made about it was: People ...

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Big Strides for the Ecig Community

VPLive, which post an update every Wednesday at about 9:30pm EST, hosted a show on December 19 and they had Linc Williams, aka BaldGroove, Director of We Are Vapors and ...

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