JC Smoke Tennessee Cured

JC Smoke Tennessee Cured

This review is on the e-liquid, or as the developer Johnson Creek calls them Smoke Juice, Tennessee Cured.  I purchased the 15 ml (which was the only size they offered of this flavor at the time) bottle of the 18mg nicotine strength variety.  The Red Oak line of Johnson Creek e-liquid is a part of the Vegetable Glycerin only and does not contain Propylene Glycol.

Johnson Creek offers a variety of flavors and a top notch website.  Great presentation and the speedy shipping was also a bonus.  You have a large variety of shipping options, from USPS to UPS.  Even overnight, if you just have to have your fix.  Great job.

After my experience with Tundra, the other Red Oak, VG (Vegetable Glycerin), e-liquid I wasn’t sure what to expect with this flavor.  It had many high reviews listed, but I was a menthol smoker.  So, I hoped for the best.

First I was glad to see that the VG component of Red Oak wasn’t causing the odd after taste I experienced with Tundra.  The flavor is very woodsy.  There is a hint of several deep tones that combine to make a flavor very reminiscent of the pipe flavor its named for.  Deep draws give good throat hits and leaves very little after taste.

For me, I was impressed with this flavor.  I mainly puff on this flavor in the evenings or after a nice relaxing session of drinking.  It has a ‘kick off your shoes and relax’ feel to it.  I definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys fine cigars or pipe smoking.  I will buy this again for sure.


Overall Review A-
Presentation A
Delivery A
Quality A
Flavor B+
Throat Hit B+
Vapor A

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