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So now we know about the battery. It’s clear to see that a good battery means a lot more than working all the time. But what else affects the e-cig experience? What else makes for a great vape? The next topic for our discussion is the atomizer and the e-liquid delivery method.

Short version:

Atomizers have an ohm rating that can help achieve a great vape off of a low voltage batter with lower ratings. Dripping is when you drip liquid into an atomizer, but it needs to be re-dripped often. Cartomizers are cartridges built-in with an atomizer and most can be refilled. The last longer than the few drops you use when dripping. And tanks are really big cartomizers that let you vape a pretty long time.

Long answer:

First up is the atomizer. The atomizer is simply a coil of wire that conducts the current around material that is soaked in e-liquid. This causes the liquid to vaporize without the need to in-flame it like regular cigarettes. Pretty simple in theory but there is something that is important in this process that affects our vape experience: and that’s ohm’s. Now there is a very mathematical method of determining ohm’s. Ohm’s = Volt/Ampere. There is a long formula for this but… let’s just get to what it means, shall we? Ohm means that the lower the ohm is of the atomizer, the less resistance to the voltage, thus making a 3.7v battery make the e-cig device hit like a 4.4v device.

Now I know that’s a lot to take in so let’s break it down a little more. For your battery, the bigger the mAH, the longer it lasts. Also, the bigger the volt you can use without it giving a burnt taste usually gives the best vape if your looking for sharper flavors and better throat hit. Now, if we add in that we can use lower ohm’d atomizers, we wouldn’t have to go higher in voltage to get the same experience. This helps a great deal for sure.

Now, as for the e-liquid delivery method, there are a few out there. There is just the atomizer. This is typically just a long tube that has the atomizer at the bottom wrapped around a cottony fiber. Some are wrapped around ceramic. This type can’t hold much e-liquid beyond a few drops so they need constant attention; vape a few puffs, drip, drip, drip. This is known as “Dripping” for obvious reasons. The cottony material is pretty good, depending on how well it’s made. I’ve found the once with the ceramic to give a… cleaner vape personally.

The second method was pretty popular; it mixes the atomizer with a cartridge of some type that plugs into or sits on top of the atomizer. This allows you to remove the cartridge, fill it, then place it back into the atomizer. This was pretty popular a few years ago, but they tend to be a little messy. The cartridge either has cottony material to hold the liquid which for what ever reason always gets on my hands or they are empty containers with a latch to prevent the liquid from spilling… these tend to hold less e-liquid for some reason.

The third method combines the atomizer with the cartridge… to for a cartomizer. Almost anyone that uses the analog “look-alike” e cigs have used this type. Some are made to be disposable, the atomizer-cartridge both are sealed and just get tossed or they can be re-filled. Some have the atomizer at the bottom of the cartomizer. Others have them in the center of the cartomizer. Others still have 2 atomizers, or are dual coiled, to atomize the liquid more evenly. This method lets you refill the cartomizer less often, saves the cost of buying packs of cartomizers every month as well. They can be refilled for about a month or two or until the flavor begins to deteriorate. This method has a lot of options and are similar to our next method, tanks.

Recently, there are a lot of larger cartomizers in the field. At first,t he tanks that came out were larger tubes you can put a cartomizer in with a hole punched in the side to bypass the need of constant refilling. Then ca,e the army of large tanks that did away with the cottony material and used wicks to sit in the e-liquid to deliver the liquid to the atomizer. These are highly popular now as the e-cig world moves to get that perfect all-day vape.

Now we come to the more advanced method. Someone thought… why not use an oxidized wire mess that’s rolled into a tube to wick the e-liquid? This way we can just wrap the wire around the mesh to create our atomizer and we can control our ohms? This new method is really taking the vape world by storm because so many people say how great it is. I haven’t been able to get a hold of one my-self, but I’m hoping too soon.

Next we will put it all together and see what Variable Voltage is and also Variable Wattage and also what to expect from them.

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2 Responses to Advanced E-Cigs: Why Even Bother? Part II

  • I know I started out with your basic automatic gas station Electronic throw away and has just escalated up over the years into the wonderful world of mods. I could never go back now.

  • Nancy T Romero says:

    help! I have nine bottles 36 mg.,900 battery and no smoke hit on anyone of them. I purchased propelene glycol to add some drops-is this wise? should I buy a larger battery? 1100 or 1350 or higher thanks, nancy

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