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I was in a local gas station here in South Florida and found a new, what I thought was disposable until I got one up close, e-cig. Naturally I purchased the Cig2O mini kit so I can see what it’s all about. It cost me $19.99. Now at first I thought “What a ridiculously priced kit!” until I realized it’s a rechargeable battery and charger as well as cartomizers.

  • (1) KR808D-1 Threaded Battery
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (2) 18 mg Cartomizers

You can find more information about this kit here.

Presentation :

The presentation is nothing to write home about. It looks like a cheap Chinese import or a knock-off at first glance. I only purchased it to review in case someone actually was considering them. Luckily I did, or I would have over looked them for sure. They have a web-site, but it isn’t complete and it doesn’t let you purchase from them, they recommend another site. So, presentation wise, they have a ways to go.

Delivery :

I purchased this locally, so as far as delivery goes, that’s a big plus.

Quality :

The quality surprised me. I walked into this review not expecting to like this kit. The logo is a little corny for my tastes and so is the packaging. But, the battery, USB charger and even the cartos are pretty well made. So, a surprising well done from me.

Battery :

The battery is a KR808D-1 threaded battery, the same as V2 cigs and a host of others. The battery is well made, lasts about 2-3 hours and in about 1-2 hours like normal. It threads easily and is pretty consistent. I actually enjoyed using it.

Flavor :

The kit I purchased was menthol, they only come in tobacco and menthol, so I choose to stick with what I enjoyed from my smoking days. The menthol is very vapable, I went through the two cartomizers pretty quickly, in about 2 days. I was surprised, but if I order more it will just to be for this review. Menthol from EverSmoke is better and the e-liquid from Totally Wicked is a great e-liquid. If I need menthol in 808D-1, I’d go with V2 Cigs. But,t hat doesn’t mean that if I had these cartos lying about, I won’t vape them, that I would do, it’s completely vapable in my book.

Throat Hit :

The throat hit for this kit is pretty good. It is vapable and does not turn me away at all, I’d recommend it, if there was nothing else at the convenience store.

Vapor :

The vapor is also pretty good. It hands in there with the big boys.

Over All :

Overall, I’m prett surprised by this kit. It looks like a disposable, but you are really getting a KR808D-1 battery, which costs more that this whole kit from online distributors, 2 cartomizers and a USB charger, perfect for an introduction to e-cigs. If I had these, I’d pass them out to smokers who want to switch over, better use than a disposable, cause it has re-use value that can go with any other KR808D-1 kits out there. A solid thumbs up from me.

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