Summer Peach

Summer Peach

This review is on the e-liquid, or as the developer Johnson Creek calls them Smoke Juice, Summer Peach.  I purchased the 15 ml bottle of the 18mg nicotine strength variety.  The traditional Johnson Creek e-liquid is a part of the original mix that is composed of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

Johnson Creek offers a variety of flavors and a top notch website.  Great presentation and the speedy shipping was also a bonus.  You have a large variety of shipping options, from USPS to UPS.  Even overnight, if you just have to have your fix.  Great job.

Now I, in my cigarette days, was a menthol smoker.  I enjoyed the taste of menthol and didn’t really see myself enjoying anything else.  I read lots of reviews on each flavor John Creek offers, and this is one that has a lot of positive feedback.  I am one who is ever up to exploring, so I took the plunge into the odd world of fruity e-liquid flavors.

And, I must say, I am ever so happy I did!  The quality of the e-liquid is top notch.  Great throat hit, large amounts of vapor and that taste was not a distraction.  It’s a very tangible element in the draw and really makes the experience enjoyable.  I can say for me, the peach, did indeed taste like peach.  For me, the peach tasted like it was part of a cool peach margarita.

Now, as I mentioned before, taste is very personal, and others may not like the taste at all.  So, that portion I will leave for each of you to decide for yourselves.  But, I can feel the care, meticulousness and strive for excellence Johnson Creek puts in its products, from presentation to finished product.

Summer Peach is now my favorite e-liquid flavor.


Overall Review A
Presentation A
Delivery A
Quality A
Flavor A
Throat Hit B+
Vapor A

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