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Ingredients of ecigs vs cigarettes in no way promotes the use of e-cigs that contain nicotine for non-smokers or anyone under the age of 18.

This is just the personal opinion of a half a pack a day smoker of 19 years in his personal quest to cut the chains of cigarettes and the almost 100 know cancer causing elements in cigarettes as well as the 4000+ other known carcinogens.  The more we can learn about this product, the better we are.

Nicotine:  From

– n

 a colourless oily acrid toxic liquid that turns yellowish-brown inair and light: the principal alkaloid in tobacco, used as anagricultural insecticide. Formula: C 10 H 14 N 2

 [C19: from French, from New Latin herba nicotiana  Nicot’s plant,named after J. Nicot  (1530–1600), French diplomat whointroduced tobacco into France]

Nicotine is classified as a poison.  It’s use as a substitute for cigarettes for smokers has been attributed, though no medical institute has provided any scientific proof of this and should be taken as a rumor, as an aid to assist them with removing their carcinogen intake (see for their listed 81 Cancer causing chemical list as well the extra 4,000 extra chemicals included in every puff.).

E-Cigs contain 4 known elements:




Propylene glycol or Vegetable Glycerin

There are few debates out about Propylene Glycol that I encourage each reader to review for themselves.  I will attempt to list as many references as time goes on.

Known concerns with ecigs.

There are several things scientist and the medical community is researching now into possible health issues with ecig.  One of the largest concerns is about the nicotine itself and the fact it is a poison.  They are not sure of the health issues besides is not recommended to anyone who has heart dieses.  Also, that nicotine is highly addictive (once again, if you do not use cigarettes I do NOT recommend this product for you, and definitely not if you are a minor).  They have found a small amount of a known carcinogen in one of their test samples from 2 popular ecig manufactures and the study found that the actual nicotine levels did not always correspond to the amount of nicotine the cartridges were reported to contain (here).

The FDA has a video that pretty much sums up their concerns (here).

A part of their concerns, in my opinion, is that the ecig market is not regulated so the products manufactured may not be healthy or safe, thus leading to more elements getting added than listed in the ingredients.  Also, they seem to worry that a minor may begin using the ecig option more now since they believe it is being marketed as “safe”.

I can see their point of view concerning the safety issue of the manufacturing, which is why I read a lot of reviews on sites before I purchase from them and I look up the sellers history with sites like the Better Business Bureau ( just to find out more about the seller and the results others have had with them before I try them.

I also fully agree that anyone that is not a cigarette smoker should not try this product.  Again, this is only one persons opinion.  Nicotine is horribly addictive and should not be started.  But, if you have already begun and are 5 years, 10 years or like me, 19+ years into cigarettes and just can’t seem to quit, we should explore all options.

Recommended reading

I highly recommenh finding more information on the subject.  Here are few sources to help begin researching: