Dragonfly TurboTank DCT XL 6ml

Dragonfly TurboTank DCT XL 6ml

This review is about the Dragonfly TurboTank DCT XL 6ml that can be found at Dragonfly ecigs.  This beast holds 6ml of e-liquid in its cartridge and has a shaft along the middle that houses the atomizer.  It also comes with a drip tip, though you won’t need to drip any liquid with this monster.  It fits any 510 threaded battery or battery with a 510 adapter.

What can I say about this big boy except… it’s huge!  I’m not a big fan of changing cartridges and batteries all the time. and this cartomizer fits that bill perfectly.  Dragonfly shipped the product without incident as usual.  They offer USPS and FedEx in the States, so that is great.

This capacity fun cartomizer lasts forever.  I filled one and I’m still vaping on it.  Well, to be honest, it’s mainly because I’m vaping on other starter kits to review them, but I return to this one just to wear it down.  I have my trusty Ramiya R2-750 battery connected so I can measure the number of vapes it gives and I’ll update this post once I have a final verdict.  Sound quality, really sturdy, nothing cheap feeling as far as I can tell.

It looks very reliable as far as I’ve seen so far.  I have heard of others post issues with it having vaping problems once it gets low, but I haven’t seen that yet, but still worth mentioning.

I’ve read how they want you to refill it, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I’ve read the want you to remove the drip tip, then lower the center cylinder and fill the cartridge through the gap that this produces.  Then slide the cylinder back up.  I tried it but never got it really full like I want to. So, I removed the top part of the cartridge.  The black “top” is not glued it, it’s held there by the rubber sealant.  After I filled the cartridge, leaving room for the “top” I re-attached it and it works fine, no leaking.

OK, my real con is that it’s huge.  I really don’t  vape on it in public, mainly cause its huge.  I don’t want to keep it in my pocket because I worry it will spill.  So, I keep it at home, safe and ready to vape.  Not really a huge con, but worth mentioning.

If you get this, happy forever vaping!