Welcome to the all new Ecig-Critic  page.  Stay posted for new Electronic Cigarette reviews, the latest news on Electronic Cigarettes and everything in between.  Since the field is rather new, there are a bunch of providers available.  The history of Electronic Cigarettes began, it seems, in 1963 according to wikipedia.

The Patent is in the name of Herbert A. Gilbert.  Because tobacco wasn’t viewed as harmful when, it didn’t take off.  It wasn’t until 2003 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik developed the modern Electronic Cigarette and introduced it to the market in 2004.  The company he worked for, Ruyan, began exporting them in 2005-2006 before getting it’s international  patent in 2007.
Since 2006 electronic cigarettes popularity is steadily on the rise with increased distribution, marketing and sells as people begin to use and chronicle their usage of this product.  Health concerns are even more prominent as the world population begins to recognize how much more electronic cigarettes can grow.
Regulations will grow, hopefully weeding out those who are not practicing safe measures when manufacturing electronic cigarettes, and everyone will learn exactly what to expect health wise once scientist and physicians do their unbiased studies.
Then the world will learn if a safer nicotine experience is available for smokers who wish to navigate away from regular cigarettes if they are unsuccessful in quitting altogether.