Ecig Sale

Now when you try to go to, you are directed to Seminole Ecig. Who are they? I’m not sure. I’m still researching. Not sure if this is the rebranded version of SafeCig or a partner company. A few people believe they had to shut down due to pending legal issues (I personally believe if this was true, news would have leaked ahead of the site going down).

So, once again I am not sure what happened. But, there is another company offering abandoned SafeCig users a helping hand. EverSmoke is offering Free Kit (Yep, free) to all Ex SafeCig users to tide them over (I’m sure it’s more to get them to love their brand, which makes business since for them and… Free is free).

Check out their site below for more information:


65% off Starter Kits From Eversmoke Till Nov 30th.

Find out about it at the new Sales and Promotional page, where I’ll be posting as many sales as I find out about.

Green Smoke Finally Releases an Affordable Kit can Recommend to My Friends

Green smoke has received many complaints in the past about the price of their kits.  It’s a tough thing to explain to someone why Green Smokes kit is worth buying for 129.99, when mostly everyone else is at about 75 dollars.  On top of that it’s a KR808D-2 type thread, that’s not that widely used, it’s the new kid on the block.  Now, I’ve actually tried Green Smoke and I really do like their batteries and Menthol flavor.  The battery does last about the day of moderate vaping.  Moderate for me is about 1/2 to a pack a day smoker.  I do explain that they give 3 main extra pieces:  The pass through and car charger that just about totals up to the price and 10 cartridges, 5 more than normal, but not everyone needs those, so again, hard to prove.

Well, they are finally offering a Reasonably priced kit for 69.99.  This does not include the pass-through or car charger.  It comes with 2 batteries, one long-lasting, one that lasts about 3 hours or so.  It also comes with 5 cartomizers, a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Finally, a kit I can recommend to everyone so they can try to see that this long battery can keep them vaping with a real kick.  Check it out here, it’s hidden from the home page, I figure they did that to see if they should put it in their normal catalog, I hope they do.