Fourth Call to Action
For FDA Proposed Regulations

On Thursday, May 8th, CASAA released the Overview of its Action Plan Regarding Proposed FDA Regulations.

As noted in CASAA’s Action plan, this is not a battle that is going to be won based solely on comments to the proposed regulations. Accordingly, we are attacking this on several different fronts. Before the draft regulations were published, we had envisioned a single Call to Action with several suggested actions. However, upon seeing the details, we decided the best strategy to effect positive change is to prepare a comprehensive Action Plan which consists of several Calls to Action issued at staggered dates to maximize effectiveness, and extending beyond comments to the FDA docket.

  • On May 11, 2014, CASAA released the  first of several Calls to Action anticipated in CASAA’s Action Plan.
  • On May 21st, 2014, CASAA released the secondCall to Action.
  • On June 13, 2014,  CASAA released the third Call to Action.
  • On July 17, 2014, CASAA released the first Call to Prepare.
  • On July 23, 2014, CASAA released the secondCall to Prepare.

Today, we issued the 



CASAA’s Action Plan

providing instructions on submitting your comment. 

The Fourth Call to Action contains instructions on (1) assembling the content you prepared pursuant to the first and second Calls to Prepare and (2) submitting your comment to the FDA.

Note that there will be two versions. The Fourth Call to Action linked below is for people who understand what is going on and are willing to spend some time to be maximally effective. But we recognize that not all consumers are even aware of the FDA’s proposed regulations and how those regulations will impact them.

In an effort to reach as many consumers as possible, we will be issuing a streamlined Call to Action in the next day or two which will be designed for vendors to forward to customers. The streamlined Call to Action will facilitate comments from those consumers who might not otherwise know about the proposed regulations or are not willing to put in the effort described here. Of course, we encourage anyone who can to complete the version described here rather than using the streamlined version.

Please see the Fourth Call to Action for details.

Forward, repost, and share . . . and explain to others why this is so important.

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