510 XL CE2 Clearomizer

The 510 XL CE2 Clearomizer (CLEAR) is a 5 pack of refillable cartomizers (Cartridge and atomizer rolled into one) that hold about 1.1 ml of e-liquid.  I purchased this from www.totallywicked-eliquid.com. They also come with a blunt needle tip (no syringe though) and a drip tip mouth piece.

First, they work rather well.  Once you fill them, they burn well, and don’t really give that e-burn taste you get at times from some cartridges/cartomizers.  They fit any 510 connector batteries (this includes the eGo batteries).  And, as I mentioned before, they are refillable.  Though, if you use a different flavor on the next fill-up, expect them to mingle as I haven’t found a way to clean them without A: Ruining them or B: Taking way too much time when I can just buy a new one.

The cons are simple; you need a needle to refill them.  Hard to carry those around without looking like a drug user.  They also can’t be cleaned to use another e-liquid.  I also experience some back-lash of e-liquid a couple of times.  To be fair, I think it was cause by over filling.  On another occasion, once turned upside down, the liquid leaked from the needle entry point.  Small issues, but still annoying.

Overall I like them, but they don’t hold quit enough e-liquid for me.  But, they may meet someone else’s needs just fine.  And the price is very nice as well, $3.99 for


Overall Review C+
Presentation B
Delivery B
Quality B
Reliability C+

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