This review is on the e-liquid, or as the developer Johnson Creek calls them Smoke Juice, Tundra was listed as only a seasonal product.  I purchased the 15 ml (which was the only size they offered of this flavor at the time) bottle of the 18mg nicotine strength variety.  The Red Oak line of Johnson Creek e-liquid is a part of the Vegetable Glycerin only and does not contain Propylene Glycol.

Johnson Creek offers a variety of flavors and a top notch website.  Great presentation and the speedy shipping was also a bonus.  You have a large variety of shipping options, from USPS to UPS.  Even overnight, if you just have to have your fix.  Great job.

Now, since I was a menthol smoker of cigarettes, when I ordered this flavor it was a no brainer.  It is listed as “The most intense menthol experience anywhere”.  I ordered this along with a few others just to get a few for the company as a whole.

The vapor is really good.  I heard that Vegetable Glycerin didn’t produce as much vapor, but I didn’t find that the case.  The throat hit was pretty good as well.  A very smooth hit.

Now, onto flavor.  I really didn’t taste that much menthol.  There is a large amount of a minty flavor I can’t quite define, but does give the impression of winter.  It also leaves an odd after taste.  Not my favorite flavor of menthol in e-liquids.

As always, this is taste, so I’d advise any menthol enthusiast to give it a try yourself and make your own impression.  I gave it a ding because the advertised flavor was the “most intense menthol” and I do not believe it delivered.


Overall Review B+
Presentation A
Delivery A
Quality A
Flavor C
Throat Hit B+
Vapor A

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