Joye eGo-T 900mAh Battery

Joye eGo-T 900mAh Battery

This review is on the Joy eGo-T 900 mAh battery with 5-click functions.  It can be found at Dragonfly Ecigs.  They fit any standard 510 threaded cartridge or cartomizer as well as joy eGo Tank style cartomizers.  I purchased 2 of these at $16.95 per battery.  I was able to use all of my Totally Wicked Tank e-cig starter kit tanks and atomizers with these batteries.  The reason I choose these over the 1000 mAh batteries is because the Personal Charging Case I bought from totally Wicked stated it was only compatible with the 650 mAh 900 mAh batteries  Even though I have read others use the 1000  mAh version, I thought it better not to take the risk.

The batteries have the 5-click function that allows you to turn on and off the battery.  If the battery is off, simply click the battery 5 times and the light will flash a few times letting you know the battery is now on.  Click the button 5 times while the battery is on and the button will blink several times letting you know the battery is now off.  This allows you to safely place the battery in a confined area and not worry about the button depressing and consuming your charge.

The battery functions very well.  I have been able to use these batteries for quite while and not worry about it running low on charge for a few days.  That simple safety net just makes vaping that much more enjoyable.  It is quiet large so I don’t use it when I’m running about in public, but at home I can vape with out worrying about getting up to recharge all the time, especially with my Dragonfly TurboTank DCT XL 6 ml cartomizer.

Overall Review B+
Presentation B
Delivery B
Quality A
Reliability A

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