My name is Sheldon. I was a smoker for 20 years. I’d stopped a few times, but always returned to smoking, going at the most 7 months smoke free. Two years ago, at the local mall, I stumbled over my first Electronic Cigarette, Smoke Anywhere. After hearing about them from the sales man, I dove in. He loaded me up with about 20 cartridges and a case to boot. I didn’t smoke a single cigarette for two weeks. Until I ran out on the weekend. At night. And the mall was closed. I went back to regular cigarettes, here after known as regs.

Two years later. A friend at work came in with a disposable, one shot, electronic cigarette from Blu.  That was on November 11th 2011.  That day I went out and bought one.  I finally found an answer for my “What if I run out of e-liquid at night?  How can I stay off e-regs if I don’t have then handy?”.  The answer, I can buy them locally in a pinch… at a steep price, but it’s better than regs.  I haven’t gone back sense.  Since then I’ve poured over the net for more information on electronic cigarettes and which one I should buy.  I started with reading up on Blu and found out they sold starter kits like the one I bought from Smoke Anywhere.   But what was different?  I kept reading and found forums on various e-cigs.  I found out that many batteries, cartridges, e-liquids and various cases and charging options.

The more I dissected the different parts of e-cigs, the more I wanted to learn.  But, more importantly, my friends had questions.  So many in fact that I decided to start a blog about it.  Then as I started organizing my blogs, I decided many more people will have the same questions.  So, I started my website to tell my friends and anyone else about what I found out.  So, as I find out more about the hardware, liquid, accessories and relevant news, I will blog and post the information on my website.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.


I can be reached at and @ecigcritic1 on twitter.

Thanks for all the support and kind words, they are always appreciated.