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Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope it’s filled with love, health and wonderful memories!

Grimm Green was asked this question, as have I been asked, and his answer… well, lets just say he summed up it for me.

Multiple Charging USB for Electronic Cigarettes

This is another in a series of posts I will make in my “What do I use in my everyday life as an e-cig smoker” post journals.  Since this falls outside of the usual accessory items I will list in the Accessories Page of the website, I will post them here for now.  If you the viewers show a liking for them, I will open a separate page for these items.

Here is another item I use for my Electronic Cigarettes, the Belkin Ultra-Slim Series 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub.  The small design and long cable really come in handy.

But the all time best feature is the separate power supply.  This lets me use the hub even when the computer is off.  I still have the same 1.5 to 2 hour recharging time for all of my 510 and KR808D-1 batteries.  Since I have a lot to keep me vaping all day on the go, this is really a cornerstone in my everyday-out-and-about time.


Some readers have asked me “What other products have you used that help you with your Electronic Cigarettes?“.

After thinking about it, a lot of accessories are easy to classify and will be listed under “Accessories” on the website. But some, like this storage box, will need to be posted separately because they aren’t found at a typical “Electronic Cigarette” site.

Here is the Plano 3630 storage box. It is typically used for fishing and hobbiest, but I really like the depth.

They are about 2.5 inches deep, come with 3 long compartments, but the best part is they have adjustable “inserts” that allow you to break 2 of those long compartments anyway you want, the front long compartment is not divisible.  2.5 inches is deep enough to hold most e-liquid bottles (that don’t have the dropper attached) standing up.

The come with 5 of these inserts which is plenty for me and my large collection of e-liquids, batteries and cartomizers. And, at the low price amazon has for them (they were at $8.41 at the time of this posting) plus I have Prime, gotta love 2 day free FedEx shipping, it helps me a ton.