Naked Vapor Disposable

Naked Vapor Disposable

Naked Vapor developed this disposable one-use e-cigs.

According to the package they contain the nicotine of 33 cigarettes cigarettes (500 puffs / 15 puffs standard agreed upon puffs per cig).  I ran across them in my local gas station and they have a lot of flavors available.  They have a website that sells the disposable in bulk and singles at  Naked Vapor disposable have a shelf price at about $7.99 which was 2 dollars lower than other disposable cigarettes such as blu disposable, but since they state they have the capacity for 500 puffs, it just about balances out.  They only have one, 12 mg of nicotine, nicotine level in the Naked series lower than their competitors.

The package is simple and a pain.  The pack is sealed plastic and is really hard to open.  These cheap packs are the staple of mass-produced products.  Companies should really place an easy to open back cut out in these packages.  This is just a personal viewpoint on aesthetics of e-cigs.

The quality is pretty much standard.  One complete unit has an air flow vent on the side and a LED that lights up white on the end when you take a drag.  The fact they managed to squeeze more e-liquid into the permanent cartridge is a feat.  I’ll find out soon, since 1.5 pacts should last me 2 days.  Part of the issue with this e-cig is it’s so light.  It’s made of a super light plastic tub.  It feels very cheap and flimsy, but it is very easy to hold in your teeth.  It’s one habit I can’t do with other e-cigs for long, but I was able to bite down on this one pretty easily.

Functionality, there is really only one issue.  There is very little throat hit when you puff.  You don’t really feel like you’re taking a real drag.  But that’s probably due to the 12 mg nicotine level.

Since this is a disposable, there really isn’t much in reliability, it does what it needs to then, once it’s done, you throw it out.  But, it only lasted one day for me.  And not even single use vapage.  The flavor didn’t die, the battery did.  It it had 500 puffs of nicotine in it, I’ll never be able to find out.  Now, this could be a dude and the others may work as intended.

The flavor is the one bright spot I found in this product.  The “Ruby Red” flavor I used was pretty enjoyable for a deep flavor with a bit of sweet over tones.  They do offer a rechargeable battery and cartomizer set, but they only come in 12 mg strength.  I’ll probably try those at a later time, just to see if the flavor is the same.

Unfortunately with so many other options available, I just can’t recommend this one.  This is a solid effort but it lacks in execution on many levels.
[easyreview title=”Naked Vapor Disposable Rating” cat1title=”Presentation” cat1detail=”Kit packaging and Website quality.” cat1rating=”2″ cat2title=”Delivery” cat2detail=”Delivery options available as well as shipping issues.” cat2rating=”4″ cat3title=”Quality” cat3detail=”Overall Quality of the kits components.” cat3rating=”2″ cat4title=”Battery” cat4detail=”Ability of the Battery to provide consistent voltage from full battery to empty.” cat4rating=”2″ cat5title=”Flavor” cat5detail=”Flavor of the provided e-liquid, cartridge or cartomizer.” cat5rating=”3″ cat6title=”Throat Hit” cat6detail=”Throat hit per puff and how it adds or subtracts from the flavor.” cat6rating=”2″ cat7title=”Vapor” cat7detail=”The amount of Vapor production overall.” cat7rating=”3″]

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  • Dalton Scancarello says:

    Many thanks for being our lecturer on this matter. My spouse and i enjoyed your article very much and most of all enjoyed the way in which you handled the areas I widely known as controversial. You are always very kind to readers like me and help me in my living. Thank you.

  • says:

    I bought the vanilla at my favorite grocery store, then the supplier quit bringing them. I have been looking for them everywhere. I have the 50 buck vapor thing with all flavors, but this is my favorite.

  • Billy says:

    I went to the Naked Vapor website and was going to purchase three disposable e cigs but was stopped by my computer security software which indicated that the site was not safe.

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