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Finiti, or Fin, disposable e-cigs are one use e-cigs.  According to the package they contain the nicotine of 2 packs of cigarettes, their words.  I ran across them in my local drugstore and they have regular tobacco and menthol available.  They have a website that sells starter kits also at  Finiti disposable have a shelf price at about $9.99 which was 2 dollars higher than other disposable cigarettes such as blu disposable, but since they state they have the nicotine of 2 packs of cigarettes, it just about balances out.  They only have one, 16 mg, nicotine level just like their competitors.

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The package is very well done.  I’m not a big fan of e-cigs that have markings and designs to look like regular cigarettes.  Since they are not cigarettes, they just come off as… fake.  This is just a personal viewpoint on aesthetics of e-cigs.

The quality is pretty much standard.  One complete unit has an air flow vent on the side and a LED that lights up white on the end when you take a drag.  The fact they managed to squeeze more e-liquid into the permanent cartridge is a feat.  I’ll find out soon, since 2 pacts should last me 4 days.

Functionality, there are a couple of issues.  First off, there is very little resistance when you puff.  You don’t really feel like you’re taking a real drag.  Second, little to no throat hit.  This just doesn’t feel like a real drag at all.  The flavor is pretty minty with a little menthol.

Since this is a disposable, there really isn’t much in reliability, it does what it needs to then, once it’s done, you throw it out.  For now, this seems pretty fine.  I’ll update if there is a change.

Unfortunately with so many other options available, I just can’t recommend this one.  This is a solid effort but it lacks in execution.

After using the Finiti a bit more I will say my original recommendation stands.  Except for the quality.  I did notice the build quality is quiet nice.  So, I updated the review points to show that.  I don’t feel this has the nicotine or puff count of two packs of cigarettes but that is highly speculative at this point since there is no clear industry standard about what a regular puff count needs to be per puff versus a pack of cigarettes.  I used to smoke a half a pack to a pack a day and this lasted me for one day, give or take.  That’s not 2 packs, in my eyes.

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  • Rena says:

    I am, unfortunately, an avid smoker. I smoke because the physical action of smoking relaxes me, and because I am, unfortunately, very addicted to cigarettes. I have recently decided to try to quit, so I bought the Finiti e-cig from my local drug store for around $8.50. I thought that was a pretty good price, considering that it claims to contain 2 packs’ worth of nicotine. After using it 3 times for 5 minutes each use, which is around how long a normal cigarette lasts me, it died on me. Every time I try to take a drag of it now, the light flashes and it gives me no vapor. I would not recommend this piece of shit to anyone. The taste is okay, the look and packaging is nice, but there is no “throat hit” and it dies extremely quickly. This e-cig was a waste of my money and I hope anyone who was considering buying it reads this and decides against it.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thanks for the info Rena, and it sucks your first experience with e-cigs was bad. I’ve heard good things about new Njoy Kings, and I plan on trying them next. The Cig2O was pretty good, that I did review already. Let us know if you try another product and how that turns out for you. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Colin X says:

      These cigs SUCK. I know what people mean about the throat hit… I was able to get a mild one by dragging slowly and letting it build a little.

      I had about 2 “cigarettes” worth out of my first finiti that I bought less than 2 hours ago.

      Part way through, the light on the end began blinking, meaning the battery was failing. Now I can’t even get a drag — no vapor, no constant light, just blinking for about 5 seconds then nothing.

      This is ridiculous — I KNOW that I haven’t consumed the 1.6mg of nicotine or I’d probably feel sick. It’s supposed to be two packs worth, but unless I can someone consume and entire pack in one sitting, then the battery will always die well before the nicotine is gone.

      My advice: stay away if you value your money. TWO HOURS!! And it’s DEAD. I have half a mind to investigate this further (maybe open a BBB case) and see if it’s anywhere near possible to consume the amount of liquid included with the provided battery. It’s possible I gota bad one I s’pose, but this is ridiculous. I’m going back to walgreen’s to see about a refund. If not, I’ll write straight to finiti. Pretty [angry] right now.

      • Colin X says:


        Ok, so I went to walgreen’s and explained what happened and they gave me an exchange.

        The next Finiti cigarette (this time midnight) seems to be working a lot better so far, and this one came in a little tube that was inside the packaging whereas the other one did not. I’m wondering if a walgreen’s employee might have “borrowed” it for a while and put it back (the first one).

        Anyway, I withdraw my scathing review and while I still think Blu is probably the better choice (thicker “smoke”-vaporness), I must say that Fincigs/finiti cigs are in fact NOT a COMPLETE waste of money, and I am at least somewhat satisfied.

        We’ll see how long THIS battery lasts tho…


  • Tracy says:

    The finiti disposables were ok. actually did get a throat hit–but 2 packs worth in one..NO. And being unhappy with the expensive Blu kit I bought and charging others like Cig 2 O (okay) and Krave (less than ok). I bought the Finiti starter kit at $39.99 in walgreens today. TOTAL ripoff. They are TINY things with absolutely no throat hit and little vapor. Feel like I just dropped $40 down the drain. Blue and Cig 2 o are even better than this crap. But I will look at the recommendations on this site. Just FY!

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thanks for the info, and I agree that the Finiti Starter kit was just… a waste. I did a review on that also and was really disappointed. I’m testing a few more right now, with another coming in. Just to give you a little preview… the Njoy released a new disposable called Njoy Kings. And wow, they have a crazy throat hit. But, not sure how long they really last. We will see and I’ll post the results. Thanks again Tracy for the information, always great to hear more viewpoints.

  • Tim Terrell says:

    Am tired of chronic sinus problems. Have smoked a pack a day for forty + years. Found finity on sale for under $6 at local walgreens. Never tried an e-cigarette befor. So far i’m impressed. Will see how this pans out.

    • ecigcritic says:

      I really hope it works for you, it’s worked great for me. No more deep coughing early in the morning. And, no more chains to the cigs.

  • Russell says:

    I’ve been a smoker for about 8 years now; smoking between a pack and a pack and a half each day. This has cost me about $50-$60 each week. I went to walgreens to purchase a disposable ecig and saw the Finiti starter kit on the shelf on sale for $34.00. I bought one and was pleased to recieve a complimentary pack of cartridges in my choice of flavor with purchase. The first thing i noticed was the size. In comparison to the large, heavy size of other e-cigs i quite enjoyed being able to let the cigarette rest between my lips without straining to keep it there. The case was very sleek, easily fitting into my pocket, and easily opened and closed. Another thing i liked about the kit was the fact that you charged the pack, and the pack charged the batteries. Which while working has been extremely helpful as i could charge the pack during the night and if the battery died at work, i didnt need a charger. I have been smoking the same 2 cartridges all weekend (while drinking, im sure everyone knows how quickly smokes go while drinking). I havent had any issues with the amount of vapor i get from these and it has absolutely helped me fight the craving for an actual cigarette. The only real negative thing I can say about this kit is the flavor of the cartridges. Being a mentol smoker I enjoy the sharp menthol taste. The cartridges go from a mild menthol taste to being almost non-existent after about 20-30 puffs. With the low price of the kit, the sleek appearance, and the great quality I would absolutely recommend this kit to anyone.

  • dawnann murray says:

    This is not worth the money !! It died and ran out of nicotine in less than day !!

    • ecigcritic says:

      Unfortunately none of the disposables last longer than a day for me. If you are enjoying your ecig experience, I’d recommend getting a starter kit. Read up on a few and give one a try. Hope this leads you off the regular cigarettes Dawnann!

  • Debbie P. says:

    Hi everyone! Just started experimenting with the E-cigs this past week. I tried the Finiti Mild first and struggle to get a good hit and the mild provides almost no throat hit. Then I read about the NJOY and it seemed to be getting great reviews so I went for the NJOY King Bold and it pretty much knocked me on my ass. The throat hit was way too much for me so now I am searching for something in the middle I guess. Since I am a newbie at this I guess it’s all about experimenting right? I prefer the disposables for convenience at this point but maybe someday I will go for the whole kit if I find the right brand.

  • joanne says:

    These are totally a waste of money…where they advertise to be equal to 2 packs – it doesnt last as long as one cigarette would…save your money and go elsewhere

  • Whitley says:

    Help! I purchased Finiti for my 86 year old mother, who smokes like a freight train, after I stopped allowing her to smoke inside or outside of the house. Since she had not smoked in two months, she was thrilled when presented with Finiti e-cig starter kit! However,In less than six hours, the she complained that, “there’s nothing coming out of this thing! Although the battery was fully charged, I replaced the filter with a new one and nothing came out when she huffed and puffed. I then gave her the other fully charged Finiti e-cig using the new filter and she was happy for another six hours. I purchased a second starter kit so I could keep up with her demand. But hard as I try, the 4 batteries will not keep a charge long enough or overnight for her to smoke up the ones I prepared for her after she went to bed. I researched Finiti online, printed the handbook and continued to have the same problems; moreover it became apparent from the start that the Starter Kit was too much trouble for her to manage. I also tried the disposal one…which are just too costly. I called the company number, left a message five days ago and still no answer.

    I also purchased N Joy e-cigs and replacement filters which she liked. Seems like everything is good the first couple of hours. She started experiencing the same problem as with Finiti; however, I learned from their user info to keep the plastic caps on until ready to use so no evaporation can occur. So then I started preparing Mom’s e-cigs, 4 Finiti and 2 N Joy and she went through all six in 5 hours. I had her demonstrate that the batteries blinked before I would replace the filters. Both kinds of and sets of batteries will not maintain the charge! She has gone through two replacement 5-pack of Finiti filters and one set of N Joy 5-pack replacement filters and all the ones that came with the starter Kits in SIX Days!

    So HELP! I do not know what the problem is, unless it is that she smokes too much; event so, the products are nowhere approaching their claim to be equivalent to a pack of regular cigs even when you allow for a smoker who smoked a pack of regular cigarettes a day…opening a fresh pack each morning. Since disposals are too costly and are not an option, does anyone have suggestions for me and my mother? Her quality of life depends on a viable option of having e-cigs with sustained battery life once the filter has been attached. She needs something that will last until I return home each day. All suggestions welcomed, especially from these two manufactures.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Hello Whitley,

      I understand what your mother is going through. The Finiti and N-Joy will only last, for me, about 2-3 hours on heavy use before I need to recharge them. Most are the same. The problem isn’t the cartos, it’s the batteries. They need to be recharged and changed out. There are two brands that exceed that:

      One is EverSmoke. If you get the long batteries, they last a really long time, more than a day for sure and have a better flavor. But, their customer service can be a little slow (from reports of my friends).

      The other is GreenSmoke. They last just as long and have great flavors as well and great customer service, but cost more.

      Either one of these should help the with the lasting longer than one day issue your mom is having.

      If she goes past this stage, maybe she would like the larger eGo batteries. It’s harder for some to get into because they are larger than regular cigarettes. I’ll have posts on those soon.

      Please let me know if I can help in any other way,

  • Olivia says:

    I barely smoke and my finiti only lasted me about 4 days. It works every so often and then starts blinking. I can’t seem to find any information about the disposable. I don’t even smoke a whole pack a month so I highly doubt this is equal to 2.5 packs.

  • Chaz says:

    I bought the disposable at Walgreens for $7.99. I picked the menthol, hoping for more flavor. I had been smoking full flavor Pall Mall red so the Finiti was lower nicotine and lighter tasting. I have used this sporadically for a week. Usually, I take just one or two hits and am done. I switched to Pall Mall Blue as that cigarette is lighter flavored and lower nicotine. I had hoped the switch would help me adjust to the lighter Finiti. I am smoking a lot less with occasional hits off the Finiti. No smoking on the property of my work and the hits of Finiti have been enough to last until lunch or getting off work. I am not sure I will buy this brand again. A kiosk at the mall had a very big and strong e-cig, but the $80 price tag seemed too high!

  • hayim says:

    I thought it was an amazing solution. I tried another brand which I forgot, that I enjoyed less.
    the former lasted as expected, but this one lasted for 2 days. I am a 45 cigarettes smoker. no way
    I smoked 400 puffs.
    very disappointing! especially since I like all other features

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thanks for sharing Hayim! I hope you find a solution that will help keep you off of regular cigarettes. Unfortunately none of them will exactly match up to the puff claim, but you can still find affordable alternatives.

      Vape Strong!

  • Keith says:

    Purchased the finiti starter kit and one of the cartomizer’s didn’t work, bought a refill 5 pack and 2 of those didn’t work. Bought a second refill and 3 of those didn’t work, took them back and exchanged them and 3 of those didn’t work I’m done

  • megan says:

    I have been trying to quit for months now, lasting about two weeks off cigs then starting again. I decided to try the finiti e cig in the plastic tube and so far so good! I don’t understand what people say about them having a no throat hit because that’s what my fiance and I like most about this e cig! as far as people saying they die out fast, they are morons because I smoke a pack a day and I’ve had this equivalent to two pack of cigs e cig for more then two days! my fiance hits his much more often then I do and its still going strong! people are missing the point that it’s nicotine and vapor only without the nasty harsh chemicals of a real cig! of course you won’t have a throat hit! my fiance also hates menthol cigsandhe’d rather smoke my menthol e cig instead of his regular flavor one! neither one of us have craved a real cig since starting! kudos to this company! we will remain loyal users until we can eventually stop smoking all together!

  • Daniel says:

    I’m a fan of the Fins, Just wish they worked quite as well as advertised. So far I’ve gone throught roughly 6 of the starter kits since may. Simply walking around with it in my pocket all day leads me to either snap a hinge on the lid, or one of the small retaining pins will fall out and get lost. I end up buying a new case pretty well every month because of this. I really like this brand, but the thing that was the real selling point for me was being able to use the case to recharge the batteries while I’m on the go. I work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, so I needed the extra battery life. Haven’t really found another brand I like the taste of, and so far I’m pretty happy with this brand (even if a cartridge will only last me 6 hours compared to the 2 packs it promises.), I just wish the product was more reliable.

  • Daniel says:

    Did not like the Infiniti very much at all. Agree with the lack of “throat hit” , I can barely tell i am smoking the thing. I will stick with Njoy or Blu. Dont love the taste of either but at least it feels like im smoking something.

  • Him says:

    Just bought Finiti disposable out of desperation. It sucks. little vapor, no throat hit, and truly, truly offensive taste. Really gross. I don’t think I can finish it.

    I can’t imagine how they still produce such a product.

    If desperate, go for V2 instead.

  • JJFTX says:

    I purchased a Finiti disposable today from Walgreens in Galveston. Opened it right away and started smoking it on my way back to Houston. It seemed to work just fine. I had previously purchased a Blu e-cig and really enjoyed it. But I got an email for a free starter kit called No Flame (ECIGNOFLAME.COM), just pay $4.95 shipping. The website said nothing about being put on an automatic billing contract, whereas after 15 days they would bill you over $100 for the starter kit and send you 5 more Cartomizers and then every 30 days bill you another $69 and send you 10 more cartomizers. THIS information came with the starter kit but did give you 14 days to call and cancel the ‘membership’. I called to cancel and the rep gave me another 2 weeks and said he would send another 5 cartomizers and they showed up in the mail about 10 days later. The credit card I charged the shipping on was maxed out so they couldnt charge the $100 for the starter kit and they have called twice for me to give another payment method. I am not going to pay for the starter kit because I feel this was false advertising that they automatically enter you into a membership and do not mention that in their online advertising.
    Ok, so I decided to try another brand, cheaper than the Blu e-cigs. I bought the above mentioned Finiti at a Walgreens inn Galveston and puffed on it the whole drive home back to Houston, a little over an hour. I puffed on it some at home, then layed it down to make something to eat and then I got on the computer. About 11:30PM I picked up the FIniti e-cig to have a puff and it was dead as a doornail. I tapped in on the table and tried everything to get it working again but no dice. I called a local 24 hour Walgreens to see if I could come and exchange it and they wouldnt because it was not bought at that store. Wel, I wasnt going to drive all the way back to Walgreens in Galveston to exchange it. So, I basically wasted $7, it didnt last barely 6 hours. After reading many of the above comments about other people buying Finiti e-cigs I DO NOT recommend buying them, regular OR disposable ones. I have worked in electronics and it sounds like the company has manufacturing issues they need to address. And to top it off, the packaging gave no phone # and the internet address does not work. SO I went back to the local Shell station and bought 3 Blu e-cigs. As soon as I can afford to I intend to buy a Blu starter kit. Buy the Blu, beware any others!

    • hcn says:

      Without any sarcasm, I have to say your writing had my attention immediately and held on to it. But I couldn’t figure out the point at the end, except your recommendation of the Blu… which didn’t seem based on any experience, only intent to buy the Blu starter kit?!?

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  • Chrissy says:

    This is the poorest quality e-cig i have purchased. Please choose another option and don’t waste your money. The battery died right away and I know I didn’t get close to 2 packs out of it… (very little smoke as well).

  • margaret st peter says:

    absolute best e- cig I have used,and I have tried them all. So pissed, why did walgreens get rid of them, and now where can I find them!

  • Dawn says:

    I went to Walgreens and they had these on sale for $1.79 so I bought 5 of each favor…..glad I didn’t paid full price on them. I was amazed on how many ingredients one e-cig has….going to look them all up now (I know they can’t be good)

  • Jdubb says:

    Horrible…bought one on sale at Duane Reade. It lasted about 5 puffs, and then died. Literally the worst e-cig I have encountered. Not even worth the 2 dollars I paid for it on sale at Duane Reade, couldnt even imagine paying the $9.99 full price…DONT WASTE YOURE MONEY!!!!

  • MontanaStorm says:

    So I noticed that most of the reviews here are a bit older. I recently quit smoking cold turkey, that was a mistake, I want to quit smoking but not at the risk of life and limb. So, I went into Walgreens. thinking, I’ll just give up and buy some Camels. As I was about to purchase them, I saw a bunch of these disposables on sale as well as refills for the starter kit. I bought them all. (70 cents for the disposables and 1.28 for the refills. I figure I can get the starter kit later). I bought Both fin and finiti.
    First, I went to a website and learned how to correctly vape. Then I opened both a finiti and a fin.

    Finiti: Love the soft filter and the white light, I bought “lights” at o.8% nicotine. The finiti hit pretty well and felt pretty good between my fingers as a replacement while driving. It’s been 14 hours and it still hits (I’m at 30 hits thus far) though a little bolder flavor then I would have cared for in a “light” smoke.

    FIn: I like these and I think I will stay with these for the rest of my vaping life. Not to much or too little. This so far is a perfect ecig for me. At around 43 (lost track so I’m guessing) battery is strong, I feel satisfied and it’s still hitting.

    Smoking just isn’t fitting my lifestyle anymore, I love to travel the NW and I like to hike, mountain climb and one day, I’d like to run….Smoking doesn’t cut it here. :D

  • Joanne says:

    Walgreens was out of my usual ecig refills so I thought I would try “finiti”. I bought three of them since the original price was reduced to $0.70. That should have been my first clue. None of them worked. Not so much as a single puff out of the 3 of them. So I wasted $2.33 and put them all in the trash. What a waste. Glad I didn’t pay full price.

  • Melissa Timmerman says:

    I got the finite midnight and 2 out of
    the whole box wp eked what a shame to get a product that do want wp rk…

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