Blu Disposable Menthol

Blu Disposable Menthol

Throat Hit

Blu Disposable Review

This review covers the disposable version of the e-cigs sold by blu.  The Blu disposable e-cigs are sold on their website, blu, and at several retail outlets (here).  The Blu disposable e-cigs are listed as having the same nicotine as 1 and a half packs of cigarettes.  They come in regular tobacco and menthol flavors.

Review Details

As far as delivery, nothing beats local availability.  Having this shown to me is the one reason I decided to give e-cigs another try.  I was informed by a friend that the local drug store had plenty available and I went out that day and purchased a few (check in your area).  As impulsive as I am, 2 years earlier when I ran out of cartridges and none were readily available, I simply switched back to cigarettes.  Outstanding job for getting these out there at a well-known drugstore chain, making it a clutch e-cig at pivotal times and giving e-cig smokers that comfort of knowing it’s available in cases of emergency.

I must admit, the simple design, very elegant in its stark blu on the black expanse.  Simple name in a simple format really works for these guys.  It’s very appealing and makes its distinction from traditional cigarettes clear.  I knew for sure I was stepping away from cigarettes into a bold new world.  The website follows that well-laid format and kept me coming back reading more and more.  Very impressed with the effort and determination put forth by this team.  If this is the future of e-cig production, we are in good hands.

The functionality is very simple.  Remove from the package, remove the safety cap from the end and peel the small sticker from the side of the disposable.  The unit is ready to go.  Several disposable e-cigs follow this format with a few with more complex steps.  The black finish of the paper that wraps this e-cig has a fine pattern on it that stands out.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect taste wise, but I was impressed.  The menthol is right on and vaped very well.  There was enough resistance to make the draw steady enough.  But, there wasn’t a big throat hit.  I haven’t tried the starter kit and this may be something that’s addressed with it.  Overall, I am very pleased with this disposable e-cig.  Great flavor with great resistance makes this a hit.

Considering that this is a disposable e-cig, it doesn’t have a long life expectancy.  It met my expectations and a few times exceeded them, lasting me from 3 to 4 days, but at times only lasting 2 days.  Not sure why there was a variation.  Considering I smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day before switching over, I couldn’t clear this discrepancy.  But, it could also be I simply increased my nicotine consumption.

Overall, this is a great product.  From production to use, it delivers in a big way.  This may change once I try the starter kit, so I will post an update once I get to try one out.  The fact it comes with a portable case that acts as a charger has me intrigued.

9 Responses to Blu Disposable Menthol

  • Weldon Hinson says:

    I like this website because so much useful stuff on here : D.

  • Ken Estelle says:

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  • Pete Carlson says:

    I am already using the blu cig re-chargables or starter kit (and recommend it!), but was going out for the day and thought I’d just grab one of their disposables.

    Surprisingly, the disposable was a poor experience compared to their rechargables. The one I tried had far too “loose” a drag, producing little vapor and even less flavor.

    I was not surprised that it did not last anywhere close to 1 1/2 packs of normal cigs…most e-cigs are somewhat over-generous in predicting life-span, but the absolutely weak smoking experience did surprise me.

    I strikes me that how long the product is sitting in the store, or even just individual anomalies from smoke to smoke must be at play here.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Pete, thanks for your input. I agree, the shelf life and production batches play a role in each users individual ecig experience. We can only hope that time will allow companies to better tweak their expiration day notifications as well as manufacturing techniques to better stabilize these factors. Only time will tell.

      I hope your vape experience only gets better Pete! Thanks again for your time and input.

  • Billy says:

    I have used Blu disposables several times mainly because they seem to be available at most every gas station and grocery store in the area. So far Blu beats the other disposables that are available locally in all categories. Even though Blu sells for about $2.00 more than the others that are readily available locally, it is still the better value.

  • Jessica says:

    WOW the blu electronic cigarette is AWESOME! Today is my second day using it and I’m definitley not going back to Marlboro lights. I purchased the e-cig because I have two little girls and don’t like smoking in front of them. It is so hard to sneak a cigarette due to the smell and smoke. However with the e-cig, I just go in the bathroom and puff it up. NO smoke, bad smell, nasty breath, yellow nails, and is very discreet. Hell yeah I’m switching! When this blu is empty, I’m going with the menthol, although I do like the taste better today than yesterday (my first day)

  • Toby James says:

    I just bought the Blu Magnificent Menthol disposable alongside a Logic Black Label menthol disposable, but I’ve yet to use it. The Logic Black Label menthol flavor has proven a major disappointment, but I expected that. So far, no menthol e-cig I’ve tried has gotten the menthol flavor right, most often offering a spearmint type flavor, and a weak one at that. Ultimate fail. Then there’s the throat hit… Non-existent or weak have been my experiences. I’ll hold out hope that the Blu will be better in this area, but I don’t expect it will. I’m just waiting for my Tesla MOD to come in the mail. I would definitely recommend a MOD to anyone who vapes. The upfront cost is higher, but compared to the cost of buying disposables over time can’t be beat. Plus, the flavor and everything you loved about traditional cigarettes is there, in addition to the ability to try a wider range of flavors. Once my MOD arrives, I’ll be disposing of disposables for good.

  • Yaya says:

    How do you know when the disposable blu ecig is out?

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