3.5ml Clear Giant Cartomizer

3.5ml Clear Giant Cartomizer

The 3.5ml Clear Giant Cartomizer for 510/ego is another one of my favorite cartomizers.  I purchased it from www.dragonflyecigs.com  for about $7.95.  It is important to note, that you only get one cartomizer per purchase.  This version has NO led at all, it’s just a regular clear cartomizer.  And, just like it’s LED cousin, it has never leaked on me or given me the back-wash of e-liquid when used properly.

I like the fact they offer multiple forms of shipping.  USPS and FedEx are perfect for all of my needs, and if I want to spend the extra funds on FedEx, I can.  Just at least give me the option, which they have so hats off to them.

The first reason I love this cartomizers is it’s capacity.  It hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid which gives me days of vaping.  Along with my extended 900 mAh eGo battery, I can start the week with one and now worry about changing until about Wednesday.  The second reason is that it has large openings on the sides to allow easy filling without a syringe.  This is so useful it almost sells the whole thing for me.  Much less mess and lots of time saved.

I wish it was easier to clean, but at least you can clean it.  It’s a bit time consuming and I’ll post a How-To latter about cleaning these units.

This is hands down my secind favorite cartomizer to date. (The first being the LED cousin here).


Overall Review A
Presentation B
Delivery A
Quality A
Reliability A