Multiple Charging USB for Electronic Cigarettes

This is another in a series of posts I will make in my “What do I use in my everyday life as an e-cig smoker” post journals.  Since this falls outside of the usual accessory items I will list in the Accessories Page of the website, I will post them here for now.  If you the viewers show a liking for them, I will open a separate page for these items.

Here is another item I use for my Electronic Cigarettes, the Belkin Ultra-Slim Series 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub.  The small design and long cable really come in handy.

But the all time best feature is the separate power supply.  This lets me use the hub even when the computer is off.  I still have the same 1.5 to 2 hour recharging time for all of my 510 and KR808D-1 batteries.  Since I have a lot to keep me vaping all day on the go, this is really a cornerstone in my everyday-out-and-about time.


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