I rather enjoyed this, rather long-winded, article from Jason Walsh about the ‘war’ going on against smokers.  It goes through a long history of how law makers have begun this process, but most importantly, it does so on a global scale.

When it gets down to ecigs, the information is interesting, touching on the history of ecigs as well as giving an ‘outsiders’ view, as in someone from outside the ecig community, on how this is all playing out.

Here is the part on ecigs:

City-County Council OKs smoking ban: wishtv.com


Indianapolis City-Council approved the proposed smoke ban that will expand the “No Smoking” zones to include bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and hotels… and include e-cigarettes.

If signed by Mayor Greg Ballard, the ordinance would extend a smoking ban to bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and hotel rooms in Marion County.

“We’ve talked and we’ve listened. We’ve studied and we’ve compromised. Now, we’ve taken action to protect our residents and workers and make our city more attractive to business and tourists,” Council President Maggie Lewis in a news release Monday night.