Green Smoke Finally Releases an Affordable Kit can Recommend to My Friends

Green smoke has received many complaints in the past about the price of their kits.  It’s a tough thing to explain to someone why Green Smokes kit is worth buying for 129.99, when mostly everyone else is at about 75 dollars.  On top of that it’s a KR808D-2 type thread, that’s not that widely used, it’s the new kid on the block.  Now, I’ve actually tried Green Smoke and I really do like their batteries and Menthol flavor.  The battery does last about the day of moderate vaping.  Moderate for me is about 1/2 to a pack a day smoker.  I do explain that they give 3 main extra pieces:  The pass through and car charger that just about totals up to the price and 10 cartridges, 5 more than normal, but not everyone needs those, so again, hard to prove.

Well, they are finally offering a Reasonably priced kit for 69.99.  This does not include the pass-through or car charger.  It comes with 2 batteries, one long-lasting, one that lasts about 3 hours or so.  It also comes with 5 cartomizers, a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Finally, a kit I can recommend to everyone so they can try to see that this long battery can keep them vaping with a real kick.  Check it out here, it’s hidden from the home page, I figure they did that to see if they should put it in their normal catalog, I hope they do.

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