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The process has begun for Advanced e-cigs reviews. I’ve been using some for sometime now and the reviews will begin to show on the site pretty soon. But, before I do, I had to answer one question a few people have asked already: “Why should I even bother with these huge Advanced E cigs?”

To really answer that question  we need to look at some basic information.  To this end, there is a three part… explanation of my personal journey and why I choose to explore e-cigs in the hopes that this may answer… some of your questions and maybe help guide you in this direction if you so choose.

So, part 1 of 3 is up.  Follow this link to begin… the journey.

We need your help to prevent the FDA from banning the sale or use of electronic cigarettes. Follow this link to sign the petition and stop them from banning our e-cigs.

I was just on thevapebabe.com‘s site and watched, we more like listened to, the speech by Bill Godshall, founder and Director of Smoke-Free Pennsylvania.

The comment she made about it was:

People like this make me smile! We all have to do our part to protect what is rightfully ours as a safer alternative to analog cigarettes!!!

So, naturally I was curious.  And I listened to him.  This guy is dead on.  He has his facts, he knows the regulations.  He was very passionate about  this subject he knows so much about, harm reduction from tobacco cigarettes.  He let the panel ask questions and he responded with facts, dates, studies… everything but the kitchen sink.  I loved it as well.  So much so that I’m reposting the video also so even more people can witness… Bill Godshall.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope it’s filled with love, health and wonderful memories!

VPLive, which post an update every Wednesday at about 9:30pm EST, hosted a show on December 19 and they had Linc Williams, aka BaldGroove, Director of We Are Vapors and a member of  AEMSA spoke about his testimony in front of the FDA panel on tobacco harm reduction.  It was a very passionate speech about his trails and tribulations on the road away from regular cigarettes.  I urge all vapors to watch and keep your ears open because things could be moving in the government concerning ecigs.

I started the video at the point of the interview, but I recommend watching the entire video, they are always very informative.

I came across an article called “The Deadly Crusade Against E-cigarettes” by Dr. Gilbert Ross, M.D. is executive and medical director of the American Council on Science and Health. In his article he actually takes a long view of the harmful effects of cigarettes on this Century. He calls it the “most important public health problem in the world”.

Experts predict the global death toll of cigarettes will approach a billion lives lost this century. That millions of people in Korea, and hundreds of millions of people around the world, are addicted to cigarettes should be considered the worst global catastrophe in human history.

The long view really puts the damage and death cigarettes bring to humanity in perspective. It’s hard to look at this data and find any reason we shouldn’t be looking for answers, real solutions, to this global epidemic. We know that society as a whole know cigarettes as harmful and dangerous. The government knows they are harmful as well. There are agencies that have been formed specifically for this purpose. They have even endorsed cessation products. But, lets look at how well they fair.

Among America’s 46 million smokers, well over half say they want to quit, and over one-third attempt to do so each year — but less than one-tenth succeed!
Yet, in a triumph of hypocrisy over science, the powers-that-be keep touting ineffective cessation products that fail 90 percent of the time.

What bothers me the most is not the results, but the government’s response to the results.

Despite those sorry statistics, those in charge at numerous government agencies and NGOs chant in unison, “Stick with the approved cessation methods.” This advice can be translated to “Quit, or die.”

E-cigarettes has an unconfirmed success rate of 33% to 40%, depending on who you ask. There are literally millions of e-cig users in America right now, and that number keeps growing. Annually, e-cigs sales about $300 million dollars among 2.5 million users according to data from Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. Herzog projects this number will climb to $1 billion dollars in a few years.

Next week these bureaucrats will be gathering at a conclave in Seoul for the possible revision of an international tobacco treaty, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), where they’ll be taking up e-cigarettes and perhaps even calling for a ban.

This is where I get more confused. Why jump to ban e-cigs? Now, I’m an e-cig user, so maybe my opinion is bias. So, stepping back, if the cessation devices are not really working as they intended, but e-cigs have a higher success results, why not investigate them further? I believe this would get the anti-tobacco legislators excited about a product they can use against big tobacco. I thought their goal was to get people off of cigarettes. I can see why people will scream “foul”, because it makes no sense. And, what do they believe will happen if they succeed in banning e-cigs?

The irrationality of these “public health” arguments puts into stark relief the blind-spot of the prohibitionist zealots: They fail to acknowledge the inconvenient fact that the millions of smokers in Europe, Asia and America – not to mention the billion or so worldwide – are not going to suddenly accept being regulated off their nicotine. The millions who have succeeded in quitting thanks to e-cigarettes and reduced risk tobacco products will not kick their habit and become nicotine-abstinent if these products are prohibited. No — they will revert to the widely available, deadliest source: cigarettes.

This is so true, I would indeed go back to cigarettes. I think about cigarettes even now, the smell… doesn’t smell bad. But, the craving is gone. With my e-cigs, I don’t have that.. “Must have one” that I use too for cigarettes and that’s enough for me to be smoke free for a year now.

What do you think?

Find the article here:

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My review on the CIG2O Mini Kit is now up

Is this kit a waste of time or a secret e-cig mega creation waiting to take the e-cig market by storm?  Read the review and find out for yourself!

Is Totally Wicked taking on the UK forums?

I have read about a situation that, for lack of a better word, ‘Erupted’ when http://ukvapers.com/, a Uk vaping forum community, temporarily closed its does.  It closed due to a notice of possible legal action from Totally Wicked’s owner, Jason Cropper.  I’ve tried to sort out this story for a while.  Is it Jason vs. Goliath?  Is Jason Cropper picking a fight with the entire UK vaping community?  What’s going on??

This doesn’t seem to be the case.  It seems at some point, Jason was on the UK Vapors forum and was in a ‘debate’ with a few forum members and it got ugly.  The original argument stemmed from a video Jason posted on YouTube about the Thursday incident that closed down a major highway in the UK involving an Ecig.  Jason posted a YouTube video making fun of the incident, maybe not the best move in the hyper fear era we are in, but it got some negative personal remarks.  Then there is the issue with a certain Admin on UK Vapors.  This seems to stem from an administrator who works for ECITA, a larger trade organization in the UK, posted some negative view points about a product he never tested.  From there, the gates opened.  Anyone who has been on a forum before knows how quickly this situation can get out of hand, with forum ‘trolls’ leaching and going wild. Personal slander went to a new level and goaded Jason into a fury.

Now, I can see both sides.  I believe in someones right to post what they feel is an honest assessment of a product, place or idea.  I believe that is healthy.  I also believe that the current state of forums that allow ‘Trolling’ or obviously base and crass remarks isn’t conductive to anyone.  Now, Jason merely said he was going to seek legal counsel.  UK Vapors, if UK laws are anywhere near US laws are, still have to be served notice of intent.  At which point they could have shut down, removed forum posts and what not.  If everyone jumped when someone said “I’m talking to my lawyers”, America would be shut down.

That isn’t what caught my attention.  It was the claim the ECITA may be using bullying to control the UK ecig market.  Foul play if you will.  Is this true?  I hope this plays out to its end, because that is some that I want more answers too.  If so, that may happen over on this side of the pond also.

Here is a great interview with Jason Cropper and Sam Chairman of ECCA, Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association.  http://soundcloud.com/vp-live/totally-wicked-vs-the-world.

Green Smoke Finally Releases an Affordable Kit can Recommend to My Friends

Green smoke has received many complaints in the past about the price of their kits.  It’s a tough thing to explain to someone why Green Smokes kit is worth buying for 129.99, when mostly everyone else is at about 75 dollars.  On top of that it’s a KR808D-2 type thread, that’s not that widely used, it’s the new kid on the block.  Now, I’ve actually tried Green Smoke and I really do like their batteries and Menthol flavor.  The battery does last about the day of moderate vaping.  Moderate for me is about 1/2 to a pack a day smoker.  I do explain that they give 3 main extra pieces:  The pass through and car charger that just about totals up to the price and 10 cartridges, 5 more than normal, but not everyone needs those, so again, hard to prove.

Well, they are finally offering a Reasonably priced kit for 69.99.  This does not include the pass-through or car charger.  It comes with 2 batteries, one long-lasting, one that lasts about 3 hours or so.  It also comes with 5 cartomizers, a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Finally, a kit I can recommend to everyone so they can try to see that this long battery can keep them vaping with a real kick.  Check it out here, it’s hidden from the home page, I figure they did that to see if they should put it in their normal catalog, I hope they do.