Questions in the Ecig Community

I was just on‘s site and watched, we more like listened to, the speech by Bill Godshall, founder and Director of Smoke-Free Pennsylvania.

The comment she made about it was:

People like this make me smile! We all have to do our part to protect what is rightfully ours as a safer alternative to analog cigarettes!!!

So, naturally I was curious.  And I listened to him.  This guy is dead on.  He has his facts, he knows the regulations.  He was very passionate about  this subject he knows so much about, harm reduction from tobacco cigarettes.  He let the panel ask questions and he responded with facts, dates, studies… everything but the kitchen sink.  I loved it as well.  So much so that I’m reposting the video also so even more people can witness… Bill Godshall.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope it’s filled with love, health and wonderful memories!

VPLive, which post an update every Wednesday at about 9:30pm EST, hosted a show on December 19 and they had Linc Williams, aka BaldGroove, Director of We Are Vapors and a member of  AEMSA spoke about his testimony in front of the FDA panel on tobacco harm reduction.  It was a very passionate speech about his trails and tribulations on the road away from regular cigarettes.  I urge all vapors to watch and keep your ears open because things could be moving in the government concerning ecigs.

I started the video at the point of the interview, but I recommend watching the entire video, they are always very informative.

from Andrey Zavyalov 

I recently was contacted by Andrey who was curious if I’d post an article he would send on possible benefits of ecigs at the workplace.  I was curious, so agreed.  After reviewing the article, I felt it was worth the read and wanted to put the question to the readers.  The following is the article that was submitted.  I found it intriguing that another possible benefit I never considered may just be the support of the management sector.

Benefits of E-Cigs at Work

Since its inception in 2003, electronic cigarettes have seen a steady rise in popularity. The concept is compelling and the results, though short term, are positive overall. One issue in particular has been a source of much debate and discussion. Should electronic cigarettes be allowed at work and if so, what are the benefits?