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I purchased the Finiti Rechargeable Starter Kit at my local Walgreens. After a little research, I found that Finiti and Fin are the same company, the contact phone number is the same on both sites (mfFiniti and fincigs). The kit was $39.99 before tax.

The kit came with:

  • (2) 510 threaded batteries
  • (3) Cartridges:
    1. (1) Full Flavor Tobacco
    2. (1) Mild Flavor Tobacco
    3. (1) Menthol Flavor Tobacco
  • (1) PCC (Personal Charging Case)
  • (1) USB to Mini USB Charging Cable
  • (1) Wall Adapter

Review Details

Presentation :

The presentation is actually good for this Mini Starter Kit. Simple design, the layout of the inside package is also very nice, similar to a few products in this category. All in all my first impression was very good.

The new website, fincigs, is stylish as well, gives off an “Old school” charm. It’s almost too simple, but gets the info across none the less. The old website, myFiniti, is just basic. If they was critiqued by the old site alone, it would not be a favorable one.

Delivery :

No contest really for delivery, they are available locally. There is no greater speed than being able to go to a local store and pick one up. But, they did not have refills, which worry me. I hope they have them by the time this review goes live. (*UPDATE* They do have refills now.)

On the Fincigs site, they offer 2 shipping methods:

  • Fedex 5-7 day ($9.25)
  • Fedex 2-3 day ($21.00)

They offer free shipping (the 5-7 day option) on orders over $30. (I do not know if the products on the site ore compatible with the kit, I’m waiting on feedback from them).

Quality :

Quality on this kit is good. The Batteries are 510 threaded and are on the small side (like Blu). The PCC (Personal Charging Case) is also good. For those who don’t know, these hold a charge (recharges through a mini USB connector) and lets you charge your batteries on-the-go so you don’t have to wait till your near a PC or power socket. It’s slim, charges each battery in about 2.3 hours a piece. It can charge about 4 times before you need to recharge the PCC. But, it has no indicator light. So, you just have to keep checking until the light goes out on the battery. It has a small size, so that is also a good point. The PCC charges in about 5-6 hours.

The cartomizers are small, but don’t look cheap, so that’s a plus. Also, it doesn’t look to be made to refill, at least not easily. It has a hard top cap with no easy way to remove it. I’m sure, with a few tools it can be done, but for that effort, I’ll not take the time myself. Over all it’s not too bad of a job on the quality.

Battery :

The Batteries are 510 threaded and are on the small side (like Blu). They last about… an hour and a half for me. Not that great, but about what’s expected. They heat the Vapor pretty well, so they do their job. They seem to run at 3.7 volts with not a lot of mAh to back it up. They don’t seem to be the problem.

Flavor :

And this is where the problem comes. If it wasn't for the vapor, I’d swear there was no e-liquid in the cartomizers. There was no flavor in ANY of the three cartomizers in my set. None for Full Tobacco and Mild Tobacco. Plus Menthol had no menthol OR tobacco flavor… just a hint of something. I did my due diligence… over the course of a few weeks; it was so hard to vape on these things. NO flavor. I know theirs nicotine, if I inhaled enough I chocked and didn't crave a cigarette, but no flavor at all. I was so disappointed. I was hoping this available-anywhere option was going to be my go-to recommendation for my friends who don’t want to shop online.

Throat Hit :

In a word: non-existent. There is no throat hit at all, just like its disposable cousin. Again… disappointed. For an ex-smoker like me, even about a year later, throat hit matters. Throat hit usually depends on nicotine level… The full and Menthol each have 16mg levels and the mild has 8mg… so the the Full and Menthol cartomizers there should be some throat hit. But, I believe, like the Blu, they use only Vegetable Glycerin, but I’m waiting for confirmation from them again. Propylene Glycol usually has a good throat hit. That’s… really all I have to say about that.

Vapor :

The vapor is just average. Not too horrible but not great either. But, not as good as the Blu, just a little under.

Over All :

Overall, I’m disappointed, much like the disposable. They have great promise with solid presentation and concept, but fall short where it matters… on delivering great performance. I just cannot recommend this to anyone unless they are looking for zero throat-hit and flavor. Now, I do not know if this goes for the products, but I will find out soon.

53 Responses to Finiti Rechargeable Starter Kit

  • Lauren Robenstein says:

    I have just started using finiti disposables and I find them to be alright. I do agree on the taste, couldbe better, but overall I like them much better than blu. But I am also new to the vaping scene so I will have to try some others. Thanks for the review!

    • Crystal says:

      blu’s are disgusting….so these are a whole of a hell lot better than the blu brand. Never had the kit in blu , but tried the single disposable ones.

      • greg says:

        I did try the blu starter kit. It says the batteries are not fully charged at the factory. I charged them fine, didn’t take long. But that was the end of that… the charger quit working.

        Quality of the kit, especially the PCC is extremely poor cheap plastic probably made in Borneo or somewhere.

  • Theresa says:

    I have tried the finiti disposable available from Walgreens the (blue) full flavor brand and it was great. I have also been able to find packs of (5) refills available at Walgreens. What I can not find is the starter pack. They seem to be selling only the disposable cig with the refill cartridges so I’m on the hunt for the starter pack. Thanks, Theresa

    • Crystal says:

      just tell walgreens to order the starter kit because , i got the only one they had where I live . They will order more if u really want this brand…( which is a pretty cheap kit compared to the 80 bucks I spent on Cig 2 Os.)

    • Neil says:

      I was in Walgreens today & they have the starter kit for sale for $39 & you get a 5 pack free.

  • Crystal says:

    I got this kit at walgreens. I used to own Cig 2 O , which was wonderful and tasted really good, with a strong throat hit …but was really expensive for the kit (Cig 2 O was 80 bucks) but batteries died . So I bought this . I love the design , the pack and how u can charge on the go. Cig 2 o’s did not have this or anything to put the carts or batteries , had to carry them in my pocket which was annoying . The taste of the finiti kit is horrible and like u said no throat hit! there is a bit of a taste at first but after 5 puffs it’s gone and just sorta a burn taste . also , do not know when these cartomizer are empty because with others e cigs … u know when it’s empty cuz it taste burnt…well these always taste burnt. This kit would be great if they change the flavor and formula …but keep everything else the same… size etc.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thanks Crystal, I didn’t even know that Cig2O had a regular starter kit out there! I agree, taste wise this Finiti kit is sorely lacking. I thought it might be just my kit, but I see it’s pretty much universal. Volt Pro Kit which comes with a portable charger and space to hold extra carts plus has pretty good taste, in my opinion, and is pretty well priced at about 65 bucks, which would be about 59 bucks after the 10% price cut with the code. Thanks again Crystal and keep on vaping!

  • Crystal says:

    sweet! I will think about buying a Volt pro. While the fin was cheaper, not sure it’s worth it if u can’t enjoy the taste. Got cig 2 o two years ago. It was just a wall charger thingy, two batteries and a pack of 5 tobacco flavor carts. The carts are really great tasting.

    • ecigcritic says:

      I will check that out. I tried the small mini kit they have from a gas station and it was surprisingly good, but $20 for a battery, 2 carts and a USB charger was a little… up there. I’m really glad to here your enjoying and expanding your journey away from regular cigarettes. I hope you have many more great experiences in e-cig land! :)

  • kevin says:

    Thr battery is similar to the 501 thread but is definitely different from what Blu uses. It doesn’t fit. Do you know what cartomizers are compatible? I like everything about these except that taste and throat hit are nonexistent.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Kevin, I know what you mean. It’s a bit tough to get a Blu 510 cartomizer on the Finiti battery, to be honest, it’s tough to get ANY 510 threaded cartomizer on the Finiti battery because of how high the made their battery post. Their cartomizers are recessed a lot and it’s difficult to find a matching battery for their cartomizers as well. Having said that, I did find some Blu’s were connecting to use but they did not screw all the way down and left a big gap between them… but it was vape-able. None of my other cartomizers fit. A good 510 kit for the money is the Firebrand Millennium Mega Starter Kit.

  • Frank Paige says:

    I purchased the kit.. I’m waiting for my rather large liquid order to arrive from china. I included needles, caps,. etc. All the tools I need to refill my own carts. I like the size & feel of the battery/cart. If they don’t improve the Vape mechanism, Fin will be a top rip-off candidate. I’ll be looking for this size battery,cart & Recharge case and willing to pay more for better engineering.

  • Jerry Don says:

    I just purchased two of these Fin starter kits last week, agree on the “throat hits” being weak and I have smoked for about 60 years so it is really hard for me to stray away from the lousy tasting cigarettes they have out on todays market. not sure what they are putting in them now.
    Anyway, I went through my first cartridge ok, then the battery ran out and charged it and then had to change the cartridge, 2 puffs in, the light started flashing like it needed charging. I charged it again and off to bed to watch 2 1/2 men and 2 puffs into the new charge the light started flashing again that it needed charging. So far, beyond one cartridge I’m not a bit happy with this investment. I had purchased mine as Sam’s Club. I think they were 7.95 for the starter kit with one cartridge and then the 5 refills were 7.95 as well. I am now trying the one I got for the wife and see how it does.
    So far, not impressed, still leaves me wanting a cigarette very badly!

    • ecigcritic says:

      I’m sad to hear you had this experience. I hope you give another brand a try. Several people have had the same results you have from trying this brand. I believe you will have a much better go with some of the more popular brands. Unfortunately, they may not be in the local watering holes, but they can really be a great experience. Post back and let me know how it turns out. Hopefully you will be free from regular cigarettes. Good luck Jerry!

    • kevin says:

      Nicstick is an affordable brand that gives a good throat hit and decent vapor. Its a standard 510 battery that works with many popular cartomizers such as Blu. Dont base all cartomizers on this one. They are rated low for a reason! Enjoy

  • Jerry Don says:

    Ok, I have been doing these things for about a week now and my throat burns like H$&L and I can’t get rid of the dead taste in my mouth.
    I think I’m going to try something different. not happy with the charge factor as well nor does a cartridge last as long as they say, two pack per cartridge, I don’t think so as I could never smoke two packs in one day no matter how much I puffed. Plus the charge does not stay as long as they suggest as well. basically, not happy at all with these things but I will finish the cartridges i purchased. I am cheap! lol..

    • ecigcritic says:

      Sorry to hear that Jerry! What a bad first experience. Well, if you want another kit with a portable charging case, Smokeless Image has one for a decent price. Sounds like you do enjoy e-cigs in general though, and that is great news. Hopefully, you’ll find something that will work well for you and taste great to boot. I’m here to help if you have any questions. Thanks for the update Jerry!

  • Lynette Rau says:

    I truly can’t understand how anyone who ever smoked real cigs could be content smoking the Finiti brand, no flavor, no throat hit, nothing! I tried N-joy disposable cig from wal-green and it had huge throat hit but for $7.99 it didn’t last long at all. Resently tried Pro-smoke, has rechargable case, great vapor, comes in different nicotine levels and the high level is so much like a real cig I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the real thing….good luck to everyone!

    • ecigcritic says:

      Thank you Lynette for sharing that info. I’m really happy you found something that can keep your interests away from regular cigarettes. Happy Vaping!

  • Debbie P. says:

    VERY disappointed in the money I just wasted on the complete Finiti kit as it’s horrible and no way that 5 cartridges are equal to 5 packs. I am not a heavy smoker as it is and already two cartridges are empty today. Maybe I have a dud replacement pack but this is false advertising if I have ever seen. Do they give refunds on these kits or what? Finiti is a huge disappointment and I am craving a Blu disposable bigtime right now but it’s too crappy to drive on the snowy roads right now.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Finiti Debbie. I hope this leads you a better e-cig that will help yu stay off of analog regular cigarettes. Best of luck!

  • Pete says:

    As a 1+ month blu user, I have come to appreciate e-cigs but am just learning, so curiosity bit me when I saw the Finiti kit at Walgreens.

    They were local…the kit was cheap…they threw in an extra 5-pack of cartomizers…so why not?

    The charging pack was decent, the style/design looked good, the batteries charged right up, and lasted about what you would expect for very mini-ecig sized batteries, not long, but ok, and consistent. There was a decent amount of vapor, little “throat-hit” (not a big issue with me)…but it all goes south here:

    These were some uniquely lousy-tasting cartomizers! Slightly-smoky-slightly-burnt vapor with no other identifiable flavor! These were beasts to vape! I was persistent, and hoped that the 5-pack had better/fresher tasting carts…not at all…every one a dog. I was hoping maybe just a bad cartomizer or two…but now I think that is just the way they are.

    Wouldn’t think of offering one of these to a friend…too bad, because had they come with decent ejuice this could have been a very decent low-cost kit.

    • Tracey Cohen says:

      I felt the same way, I quit smoking. My friend suggested I try e-cigs. I saw the finiti at Walgreen’s with the 5 cartonizer refill. (should have known too good to be true). but I went for it. Paid about $45.00 for two e-cigs rechargeable and 8 cartonizers. Was soo excited. So hard to adjust. Some times smoke, sometimes no or little smoke. And now after only a month and three left over cartomizers. The cigs keep blinking. No smoke. I don’t know what is going on. Do I have to keep buying the main cigarettes every month? they don’t taste good, and they don’t last. I didn’t spend that much for cigs my last 6 months. I hope all e-cigs arent like that. How long are the kits suppose to last? thanks

    • ecigcritic says:

      I agree Pete. I really dislike the fact that one of the 2 locally available e-cig kits that can help smokers get away from regular cigarettes is not that good of an option. I hope you find something that works for you Pete so you too can remain Regular cigarette free. Happy Vaping.

  • Nicki M. says:

    I am a 2 pack a day smoker and have been doing Finiti for about a week now. I smoke the rich tobacco taste and it tastes better than a real cig, easy charging system and my family enjoys the no smoke. I have tried other disposable cigs and not impressed with how big and clunky it has been. These are nice, slender and doesn’t look like I’m smoking something illegal. Thank you for not including the “throat burn” and putting added chemicals into the filters. Very happy with the low cost and will keep coming back.

  • Lardass says:

    Yea, Nicki M, I agree. I rather prefer no “throat burn.” If I wanted to burn my throat, I’d start smoking tobacco again. I’m using the Finiti pack as well and I’ll continue to use it.

  • Melissa says:

    I have smoked for a little over 40 years. I have tried Njoy, Blu and Finiti Disposables and I prefer the FIniti over the other. The Blu was the worst. I have had a real cigarette for almost a week and no withdrawal or cravings for a real one. I smoked only menthol cigarettes and I enjoy all 3 flavors in the Finiti. So for now it works for me.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Melissa, that is great to hear. I’m glad they work for you and hope they continue to work for you. Vape on!

  • Sarah says:

    I bought the finiti starter kit and found the flavorless, yet full vapor, to be a little concerning. I got the blu kit love the vapor and flavors. I use both.. any thing to stay off the combustables ..The finite refills, menthol, have a no throat hit with a burnt marshmallow taste
    but a lot of vapor. Great behavior psyche. Vape on people!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah says:

    any thing to stay off the combustables ..The finite refills, menthol, have a no throat hit with a burnt marshmallow taste
    but a lot of vapor. Great behavior psyche. Vape on people!!!!!!!!
    (35+ years smoker) I will be sending some kits as gifts to friends and family

  • Santia Sanchez says:

    The only thing i do not like is that the mint flavor does not taste like mint at all. I feel that is a hoax in taste.I hope the real mint flavor is available on the market.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Santia, I would encourage you to try other brands and flavors. That is the real ticket to staying off of cigarettes. I hope everything works out for you, stay Vape Strong!

  • Mary says:

    I bought this POS and was actually angered by how disappointed I was. What a waste of $45. And ALSO don’t by this thinking you can exchange if it craps out on you literally half a day later. Walgreens won’t return or exchange. Such a disappointment.

    • ecigcritic says:

      Hi Mary, I’m really sorry you had to go through that experience. Hopefully, you try a better e-cig and continue on the non cigarette road with less bumps. Vape strong!

  • b heaston says:

    I bought my kit in January 2103. It took me about 2 weeks to learn to smoke with this, and for a while I thought it was great. I was able to get a refill to last a week, maybe 10 days. Then I noticed that the refill kits (5 refills for $15) almost invariably had one dud in them. Also, I had to get the cord in the charger put in “just right” before it would begin charging. And now I have noticed, after 7 months, that the batteries are losing there ability to hold a charge. I used to use them for about a week. Now they won;t go for more than 2 days. And the batteries are difficult to get into the recharge slot — if you don’t get em in just right and don’t notice it, you will be out of luck for 2 hours. So now I gotta consider buying a new kit or switching brands. The good thing? I have quit smoking!!!

    • ecigcritic says:

      Congratulations B Heaston! I’m so glad you are off the analogs cigarettes. And I’m sad to see you ran into issues. Try another brand, one that’s well known, and I’m sure you will have better luck.

      Best of luck and Vape Strong!

      • b heaston says:


        BTW, I went to a local shop and purchased a 3-piece cigarette called “Buck Naked”. It consists of the battery, a tank, and the mouthpiece. It is absolutely incredible in terms of flavor (I am using a Turkish Tobacco e-liquid right now) and throat hit is unbelievable. Money well spent. the kit cost $50, and the 10 ml eliquid bottle was $10, and is the equivalent of a carton of conventional cigs. So far I absolutely love it. No more Finiti for me. The only thing I don’t like is the name :-)

  • Mary says:

    Bought the kit last night I was use to the Logic but liked the idea
    Of the concept of package this morning one doesn’t work
    I’m on a limited income this just isn’t right to just tell people sorry
    Find something else that works and buy it while the company’s
    Just put garbage out to get our money knowing it don’t

  • greg says:

    I’ve had the same problem with the batteries wearing out quickly. Right now I’m at about three charges per cartomizer. I’ve learned how to refill the cartomizers, if I could only find some decent replacement 510 batteries, I’d be in bette shape. Can anyone tell me where (if) I can get some?

  • Eric says:

    I had the Metro and Vuse brands and both disappointed, and i remember seeing this one for 40 bucks at walgreens. the price was actually down 20 dollars when i got it so it was a GREAT deal. so far i like it i think i found a system that works for me.

  • Ted says:

    My Finiti starter kit was only 19.99 at Walgreens. I can also use the Blu cartridges on my Finiti.

  • katjy says:

    After reading all the “this is great” reviews, i purchased the finiti starter kit. I have 1 good thing to say, the price was great. However, the rechareable wont last more than couple hours, the cartidfes last even leas than the rechargeable. Also, when you go to use it, the hole in rechargeable to draw air has to be covered to even remotely get anyyjing and then you have to draw so hard it ends up giving you a headache. I STRONGLY disagree that this is as good or better than BLU. i purhased an extra pack of cartidges and have 2 left after 2 days. Now before i get bombarded with responses, i only used each cartidge for aporox. 2 hours. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY IVE EVER SPENT!

  • Jeremy says:

    They have the starter kits on sale at Walgreens right now for $14.99. I just bought one today. I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it but its true only 14.99 and you can not find a better deal than that anywhere. They had 3 or 4 left at the store I went to and I am thinking about going back and buying the rest of them for friends and family. Also for those of you that do not know, you can actually refill the cartridges with the liquid refills that you can buy at many tobacco stores and others. This also allows you to change flavor and strength. You can continue to refill and use them until the atomizer goes bad. I have refilled them several times with no problems and works great. A lot cheaper too. I get 3 bottles for $10.00 at the liquor store where I live. (each bottle contains 15ml of liquid. Great deal!!!

  • Martha De santis says:

    I have purchased the Finiti kit at Walgreen store and one of the refills is stuck in the box so i cant use it. Last night i went to get a disposable ( regular ) electronic cigarette :it says equal to almost 2 packs, y smoked three puffs (3) and the cigarette smoke is gone !!!!! I am not happy with this situation.. Advice…….!!!

  • Lorena says:

    Did you ever find out if the Fin carts work with the Finiti? Wondering if those carts taste any better.

  • Ann Obrzut says:

    I just purchased the starter kit as well. The information packet that comes with the 5 cartos, state that these cartos stay fresh up to one year? Is that if you never use them? Or useable they last for one year? Can you elaborate please? Also, I believe there is something wrong with the pcc is it? that cigarette looking device that charges the batteries? When I plug it in, the red light does not come on for at least 10 min. When the light turns green, im thinking, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, however, after about 10 to 15 minutes later it starts blinking, and hardly no vapor or none at all. And the “throat hit” non existent. Now if I have a deffected machine I dont even think I can get a replacement cause I have no receipt. I do have the box with the upc on it, i think. Anyway, can you check into that for please? Otherwise, I guess i’ll have to purchase another brand. Thank you.

  • JB Connolly says:

    This web site, listed on FINITI manual, does not seem to be valid. My starter kit wasacceptable, but only one battery worked and I would like to order another. Any help?
    Thank you.

  • Emil Sudzina says:

    i like the product after a while the tip falls i wish they could make the filter a little softer for all of with dentures so u bite down on it like real cigs you so you use hands free like real cigs when your working with your hands

  • C. ADAMS says:

    I bought the starter kit and all of the delivery filters were dead, luckily I bought some refills and a few of them were dead as well. I found that I had to pull extremely hard to get a throat hit . I am absolutely disappointed with the FINITI brand and will not be purchasing any more refills and I will not be recommending them to anyone who wants ecigs .I had hoped that they would be a good idea to help me quit smoking real cigarettes, but all I am is disappointed with the product.

  • Courtney Joyce says:

    How do I order?

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